image of a chameleon which is well known for adapting to the surrounding environment in much the same way hotels must adapt and change to stay ahead of industry trends

Adapting to Change: How Can Hotels Stay Ahead of Industry Trends?

Hotels are so multifaceted that adopting meaningful change is hard to do “from the top” without considering how different departments are going to absorb it

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magnet and people shapes reflecting importance to hotels on focusing on staff retention not just hiring the next person

Retention, Retention, Retention: What Can Hotels Do To Improve It?

We draw on Deanne’s experience and explore the topic of staff retention and tactics to employ to help with the staffing challenges the hotel sector faces

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Hotel Sector Health Still Strong Will This Continue or Melt Away SSP Coffee Time Chat YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Sector Health Still Strong: Will This Continue or Melt Away?

His track record speaks for itself and, keeping his fingers closely on the pulse, he is well placed to assess the health of the hotel sector

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Thumbnail image for discussion with strategic solutions partners asking has the sustainability topic reached marketing and revenue teams?

Has The Sustainability Topic Reached Marketing and Revenue Teams?

We ask if the focus around sustainability has made it way into the Marketing and Revenue teams. Does it form any part of the weekly strategic discussions

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels should consider developing sustainability plans to help drive future revenue and profits

Sustainability in Hotels: Where Are We and Where to Next?

How do you balance the expectations of guests – and what they’re willing to pay – with effective sustainability practices that work towards real change?

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Genuine Hotel Sustainability Unrealistic Without Strong Leadership ssp youtube thumbnail image

Genuine Hotel Sustainability Unrealistic Without Strong Leadership

We will look at different aspects of sustainability in hotels and ask are we seeing genuine efforts or are we falling into the greenwashing trap

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one red apple amongst many green apples reflecting need for a hotel to adopt a consistent approach to branding rather than a single exercise

Hotel Branding: Logo, Color Palette, Tagline Complete. Now What?

The opportunity lies in embracing branding as a consistent practice, where logo and tagline come last and branding takes a seat in the heart of the business

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orange painted blue on the outside reflecting how hotel brand image and messaging can sometimes be disingenuous and doesn't honestly reflect the values and culture of the individual property

Hotel Brand: Is Your External Image and Messaging Fake News

We are talking Hotel Brand. When done well, it is a core differentiator reflecting the culture, values and identity of your hotel, helping to build loyalty

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image for ssp video discussing the hotel staffing issues and whether the current situation is a passing shower or a bigger storm brewing

Hotel Staffing Issue: A Passing Shower or a Bigger Storm Brewing?

Bill and Kirby provide insights on the current situation regarding hotel staffing challenges and the loss of senior strategic expertise following covid

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SSP - Hotel Consultants Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Consultants: Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic

Today we look at hotel consultancy and ask are they really the seagull at a picnic, i.e. they swoop in, make a mess and then leave … maybe a bit unfair!?

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