Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead? Revenue Hub Article Thumbnail

Hotel Sector Post Pandemic: More Financial Headwinds Ahead?

We talk with Dr Don about how the hotel industry looks post pandemic, the current cost of living crisis, impact on travel this summer and perceived value

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man looking at a spreadsheet evaluating performance illustrating the value of an integrated and agile internal control framework

Improve Results With an Integrated and Agile Internal Control Framework

Internal audit should pivot from a traditional rotating visit approach to a risk-focused and data-driven framework that leverages existing control processes

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Is Hotel Revenue Making It to the Bank Revenue Hub YouTube Video Thumbnail

Is The Hotel Revenue You Generated Making it to The Bank?

We look at common risks which may be hampering the journey of your hotel revenue through to the bank, ways to resolve these and how to continually improve

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man holding a sparkler reflecting how independent hotels can strike a spark and blaze a trail with the commercial strategy role

Independent Hotels Can Blaze a Trail to The Commercial Strategy Role

We talk about the ‘new kid on the block’, the Commercial Strategy Role – that overarching role encompassing Revenue, Marketing and Sales

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thumbnail for coffee time discussion with glen coben and jacqueline villamil of strategic solution partners about how design can drive revenue and profitability in an f&b outlet

How Design Can Drive Revenue and Profitability in an F&B Outlet

In this discussion we look at an F&B design case study which increased guest experience, improved value proposition and impacted revenue generation and cost

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bright light bulb with a group of people, possibly revenue managers, in a blurred background

Building an Effective Revenue Optimization Team

As an industry, we have discussed moving towards a total revenue optimization model ad nauseum for years but achieved only limited success

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thumbnail image for who are we discussion with new revenue hub expert partner strategic solutions partners

New Expert Partner: Strategic Solution Partners

We are delighted to welcome Strategic Solution Partners as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub and hear more about the organisation

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