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Every edge of our digital world is evolving at warp speed, thanks in no small part to the release of AI into the wild. The science of “search” is no exception.

NB: This is an article from Screenpilot

Understanding the internal workings of search engines has long been a key component to a hotel’s digital success, and hospitality brands with a mastery of search hold a considerable advantage. Google is poised to usher in the latest, AI-infused evolution of search with its Search Generative Experience, more simply known as SGE, which is widely expected to revolutionize how we look for and find information.

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The Screen Pilot team has early access to SGE, and has been actively testing the platform for several months to best prepare our hotel partners for continued success in search. This post is meant as an update to our hospitality industry partners. We’ll outline SGE’s significance, implications, and suggest updated strategies for optimal SEO performance.

It’s important to keep in mind that SGE is still in a developmental phase, and while SGE is certainly making waves, there’s still a lot we have yet to learn as Google actively experiments and tests the AI-powered product ahead of officially rolling it out to all users. This post is meant as a starting point for hotel and resort teams to better understand Google’s SGE and the future of search.

What is Google’s SGE?

SGE is an early step in transforming the Search experience with generative AI. When using SGE, people will notice their search results page with familiar web results, organized in a new way to help them get more from a single search.

When will Google’s SGE officially launch?

Google is currently testing SGE and how it presents results and prioritizes driving traffic to websites. As of this writing, no formal launch date has been announced, though Google has indicated that SGE will be rolled out first in the U.S.

Understanding the Search Generative Experience (SGE)

The Search Generative Experience revolutionizes search results presentation, complementing traditional organic search and represents a significant leap in search technology. This upgrade transforms search results into a more conversational experience, where Google comprehends and accelerates your search.

Integrating SGE into hotel and resort SEO strategy will enhance the guest experience. Unlike traditional search algorithms that rely on predefined criteria, SGE leverages advanced machine learning models to dynamically generate results based on a user’s context, preferences, and search history.

Let’s take a breakdown of what an SGE search looks like:

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