10 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Instagram

Over the last decade, Instagram has changed the face of online marketing.

NB: This is an article from Cvent

Appealing to travellers, adventurers, and explorers, Instagram has become a go-to online source for travellers looking for their next destination. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through implementing Instagram into your social media marketing strategy and show you why Instagram marketing for hotels is so beneficial.

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Build your audience with Instagram marketing for hotels:

With over a billion active users, Instagram has become a viable force in the online marketing world. With visually stimulating quick content bites, Instagram takes advantage of our short attention spans by promoting appealing content that aligns with our personal passions, hobbies, and product preferences.

How is marketing on Instagram effective for businesses?

The platform’s engaging and mobile-centric formatting allows users to discover new travel destinations, music, products, and more. In fact, 72% of Instagram users have purchased a beauty or fashion product after seeing it on the app. Now that Instagram allows in-app purchasing, it’s a more powerful marketing tool for businesses than ever before.

Gen Zers and millennials make up a large portion of the Instagram audience, as social media plays a starring role in the way the demographics shop. In fact, 71% of millennials have Instagram accounts, and approximately three-quarters of those users were influenced to make a purchase due to marketing they saw on the app. Instagram makes social media advertising simple, effective, and affordable, and should be included in the marketing plan for any modern business.

Why is Instagram marketing for hotels important?

With millennials making up a larger part of the travelling workforce and spending more time focusing on exploration and personal growth, hotels should take every opportunity to target this audience with captivating content. Online shoppers are becoming more comfortable making purchases via social media as the option expands on platforms like Facebook as well.

Moreover, it’s become a source of inspiration for many young people. Whether users are looking to live a healthier life, expand their horizons, or travel to new and exciting locations, 40% of consumers under 33 prioritise “Instagramability” when choosing a travel destination. To some degree, the last decade has seen the face of online travel shift as many social media users attempt to one-up each other with the “best vacation ever!”

Instagram marketing helps hotels by allowing them to:

  • Target specific audiences with a wide array of demographic settings. 
  • Run ad campaigns and customise the duration, goals, and budget of multiple campaigns at once.
  • Showcase property amenities, unique features, and standout team personality.
  • Run promos and advertise events to build an online audience and increase hotel profits.
  • Engage with users to better understand their reason for travel, personal preferences, and experience at a hotel.

Search for your competition on Instagram and see what their pages look like. You should be advertising your property on every platform that your comp set hotels are. Otherwise, you’re missing out on revenue opportunities.

What is Instagram’s Explore page, and how can it benefit a hotel?

One of the goals of any business marketing on Instagram: Get on the Explore page. To put it simply, the Explore page is a page of content the platform “thinks you will like.” One of Instagram’s primary goals is to connect users with a never-ending stream of appealing content. By showing users this non-stop stream, they are is aiming to get more people to use the app as well as get users to stay on the app for longer periods of time.

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