In today’s video we are joined by Thibault Catala of Catala Consulting

Our discussion is around the current topic on most revenue managers mind:

Don’t drop your rates!

We discuss why this seems fine in principle, explore how the message could be misunderstood and explain it is more nuanced than just a simple do or don’t binary choice.

Areas we touch on and questions we pose are:

  • Why is the normal reaction to drop your rates (3.02)
  • Is it really a binary choice to drop or not drop (5.14)
  • Pressure from Owners/GMs and why knowing break even figure is key (9.28)
  • If not providing full experience does price reflect that (13.59)
  • How restricted occupancy could be used to help hotel hold rates (16.04)
  • RMS not making much sense so focus is strategy planning for different recovery scenarios (18.48)
  • Corporate rates, meeting & events (20.54)
  • Don’t forget to develop packages and offers to obscure any rate shift (27.28)

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