Lybra, developer of the Assistant, the most complete, machine learning, demand-centric revenue management system (RMS), is proud to announce an integration with MasterYield’s award-winning PMS, a leading PMS solution that includes a smart-pricing tool, making it quicker and easier than ever for hotels with both solutions to increase their bookings and revenue – no matter how the pandemic affects demand – while also eliminating time-consuming manual data entry tasks.

Because of the new integration, MasterYield’s PMS reservations data will be integrated into Lybra’s Assistant, enabling the RMS to provide hotels with the most accurate real-time room rates. Unlike traditional RMS which rely primarily on historical data (in establishing room rates), Lybra’s Assistant RMS prioritizes market data, flight search data – which is a strong indicator of travel intent – and competitor data, enabling the RMS to accurately forecast the real-time travel demand that will be coming to a property’s destination, and offer the most accurate pricing recommendations possible, even with the depressed demand we are currently experiencing due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We are very pleased to partner with MasterYield, by integrating Lybra’s Assistant RMS into their innovative PMS,” said Nicolò Rolle, VP of Sales – Iberia & LATAM, at Lybra. “This partnership will enable Lybra to support many more Spanish hotels through these challenging times, by providing them with access to a revolutionary RMS that will optimize their pricing strategy and, through the new integration with MasterYield’s PMS, improve their operational processes and save them a significant amount of time – a huge plus when hotels are required to operate with smaller staff in order to stay open.”

Boris Heister, CFO & CoFounder of MasterYield said about this new partnership: “Although integration possibilities with so many applications out in the market and options are endless, we strive to provide our clients with additional services and Apps from third-parties that add functionalities to our PMS and broadens its possibilities. With this new integration with Lybra´s Assistant RMS, we continue integrating and connecting the best solutions and utilities, increasing and improving our PMS MasterYield features and performance, achieving an integrated platform.”

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