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Today we are joined by:

🔹Kris Glabinski, VP Europe at Aggregate Intelligence, a world leading data intelligence company, and the company behind Ratemetrics, one of our Expert Partners

In this discussion we look at how hoteliers can turn competitor intelligence into a additional revenue in a very simple way using readily accessible data – the same data every guest can use when choosing a hotel – including your competitors!

Kris takes us through a real life example and also illustrates how, through marginal price gains, a hotel with 76 rooms, 60% occupancy and an ADR of 150 Euros could add 49k of additional revenue straight to its bottom line.

Later in the discussion he demonstrates Ratemetrics ‘free for ever’ tool, which hotels can use to take their first steps into gathering competitor intelligence to help inform strategic pricing decisions which can drive additional revenue and profit.

Overall, price benchmarking helps hotels to stay competitive and optimize their revenue management strategies, leading to increased profits and customer satisfaction – which hotelier doesn’t want that?!

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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00:59 Guest welcome and introduction
04:18 External data and it’s value to hoteliers
07:36 How to convert this external data to additional revenue
13:35 Using simple psychology of consumer buying and marginal price gains
22:52 Intro to the Ratemetrics solution
27:34 Demo of Ratemetrics solution
35:38 Some conclusions and free forever version
41:18 Video links and channel subscription