Understanding Your Best Hotel Distribution Channels is Key for Profit

The right distribution mix for your hotel will depend on who is your target audience, what other hotels in your comp set are doing, and your overall budget

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coins being stacked up to reflect how a revenue management approach to hotel costs and quality is so important

The Revenue Management Approach To Hotel Costs And Quality

This article offers a guide to revenue management analysis to give you ideas on improving your hotel’s profitability

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4 glass jars filling up with coins reflecting how hotels must make sure they are calculating their profitability

How to Measure Your Hotel Profitability

Understanding hotel profitability ratios isn’t always straightforward because you may not have all the information you need to understand your ROI or ROE

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The Digital Transformation Paradox of Hotel Technology

It can’t just be about having the newest and shiniest technology, your choices must also positively impact the bottom line and digital customer journey

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Should Investors Expect Hotel Incomes to Keep Pace with Inflation

Hotel investments come with counteracting exposures to inflation of operating revenues and expenses that may neutralize inflation impacts on profits

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How Changes in Occupancy Affect Strategies for Maximizing Profit

Hotel owners and operators need to understand how changes in occupancy post covid affect strategies for maximizing  profitability

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Impact on Revenue, Profit and Reputation of Ineffective Maintenance ssp video discussion thumbnmail

Impact on Revenue, Profit and Reputation of Ineffective Maintenance

We look at the impact of ineffective maintenance prevention on hotel costs, guest satisfaction, future revenue and, ultimately, hotel profit

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icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer profitability

Key to Today’s Revenue Success: Individual Customer Profitability

Focusing on individual needs, Revenue Managers are able to migrate their focus from ineffective typical pricing strategies to customer profitability instead

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What is the Best Strategy for Reducing Hotel Operating Costs

With the right strategy, you can reduce operating costs while running a profitable hotel. The following strategies will help manage hotel operating costs

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coins being added to a glass jar in the same way hotels have multiple options to increase revenue

15+ Effective Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue and Profit

While there are many ways to increase your hotel revenue depending on your property’s needs, here are 15+ tactics to get you started

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