Road to Hotel Profitability: Adopting Flow Through + Flex Metrics

Flow through and flex hold tremendous value as they encapsulate both top-line changes and the effectiveness of cost controls in safeguarding the bottom line

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Three Essential Tasks for Hotel GMs to Maximize Profitability

By excelling in these three areas GMs can drive exceptional financial performance and establish their hotel as a market leader

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Proven Tips to Increase Restaurant Revenue and Profitability

Many industry sources share that an average restaurant has a profit margin of about 7% but recognize yours can fall anywhere between 0-12%

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Hotel Revenue Management: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

we look at four core challenges in revenue management and explore the potential risks posed by each challenge and offer advice for revenue managers and CEOs

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hotel breakfast layout can be appealing to guests when booking and can drive revenue and profit

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

On OTAs guests use “breakfast included” as a primary search filter. When it comes to maximizing profit, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster

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man looking at a mountain peak contemplating the challenge ahead in much the same way net revenue can be a challenge but also an opportunity with the right mindset

Net Revenue: A Possibility But Not Without a Major Shift in Mindset

We discuss the complexities faced when trying to embrace net revenue and we touch on the evolution of the commercial role and where the finance team fits in

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food on a platter reflecting the importance of innovative f&b solutions to attract diverse audiences and maximize profit

How to Innovate F&B Solutions to Attract Diverse Audiences and Maximize Profit

Hotels that demonstrate creativity inspire curiosity. When guests are excited to try your F&B experience, the sky’s the limit for profit potential

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Mastering Revenue Performance Management for Maximizing Profits

Adopting revenue performance management, hotels can achieve sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic hospitality market

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Address F&B Profitability Before It Takes You Under

This highlights the need to ensure more intelligent cost controls across the business which improve profitability and drive operational efficiency

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A New Approach to Hotel Management Fees

While both hotel operators and owners stand to gain from adopting the management fee structure proposed, hurdles are anticipated

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