cake layers like different hotel distribution channels

Benchmarking Your Hotel’s Direct Channel Performance

Traditional hotel benchmarking tends to be based on occupancy and rates, with no visibility on how the end result came to be. We thought you needed more

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Indexing: Simple and Important in Today’s Hotel Benchmarking

Indexing is incredibly versatile. Generally, 2019 should be “base” year on your index and serve as the replacement for any chart using y-o-y percent change

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Who Moved My Hotel’s Market Share?

Your comp set by market segment may be different to your comp set for your room classes or location. It is important to answer: why do I need this comp set?

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different coloured balls showing variety of hotels and importance of benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Insider Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

It is worthwhile to look beyond the traditional idea of a compset when benchmarking your hotel and consider dynamic compsets

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The Next Normal: Hotel Benchmarking Post-Pandemic

After disruptions to the global hotel industry, traditional y-o-y comparisons have been rendered far less actionable when benchmarking hotel performance

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Making Sense of Your Competitive Landscape Today

Hoteliers must ask themselves: what happened to their competitive environment, who are their competitors, and what impact are they having on their hotel?

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compass showing direction to a hotel to improve direct bookings and how benchmarking can help

A Benchmarking Journey to Grow your Direct Bookings

By going through different metrics, drilling down on the data and interpreting the results you embark on your benchmarking journey to grow direct bookings

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the hotels network benchdirect launch announcement benchmarking direct booking channels

BenchDirect! The First Benchmarking Product for Direct Booking Channels

The launch of BenchDirect is a natural progression providing hotel brands with a totally new and much more powerful benchmarking tool

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CompSet Analysis and its Role: Hotel Management Practices

Sizing up the competition plays a major part in your hotel’s marketing strategy. Your competitors have just as much sway in shaping guest demand and expectations as you do, and […]

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4 Reasons GOPPAR Should Be on Your List of KPIs

When a hotel’s financial performance plan is built on GOPPAR they have the raw materials to craft a financial fortress to stand strong

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