The Role of Profitability Data in the Hotel Benchmarking Experience

P&L data enables you to supplement key top-line metrics and measure impact of top-line decisions on profitability relative to competitive sets

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Hotel Benchmarking: Tips to Maximize RGI, ARI, and MPI

In the ever-evolving hotel industry, strategically benchmarking room revenue cannot be overstated. RGI, ARI, and MPI trio are the beacons guiding hotels

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5 Features to Look For in a Hotel Benchmarking Tool

Benchmarking data is used by all stakeholders in the industry; from hoteliers to management companies, owners to asset management companies

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Harnessing Data Driven Benchmarking to Outperform Competitors

For revenue managers, there has been a real shift in the landscape, making benchmarking an even more important tool to turn to

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video thumbnail image for discussion with kris glabinski of ratemetrics about how to turn hotel competitor intelligence into additional revenue

How to Turn Hotel Competitor Intelligence into Additional Revenue

In this discussion we look at how hoteliers can turn competitor intelligence into a additional revenue in a very simple way using readily accessible data

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Can Hotel Benchmarking Help Losers Take Action and Create a Plan

Can benchmarking help losers take action and create a plan to beat the competition, or distract the team from creating a strategy that could be a winner?

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Hotel Competitor Analysis: How Your Property Can Get Ahead

You don’t want to become a price follower or mirror your hotel brand to any others, but rather stand out through superior value, service, and authenticity

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sign post saying same old way or something new reflecting the evolution of hotel commercial strategy

Hotel Website Performance: Just Look at Your Own or Competitors Too?

Looking at a hotel’s direct channel website performance in isolation can lead to mediocre results and may not give you the best picture of the business

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2 sun loungers beside a hotel pool reflecting facilities that can be used on the hotel website to elevate the booking performance

Creative Ways to Elevate Your Hotel Website Performance

Benchmarking your hotel against your competitors is one of the most important tools in developing a robust direct channel strategy

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5 Ways We Should Rethink Demand Right Now

The challenge with this approach to measuring demand is that these benchmarking services only measure converted demand for hotels

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