5 Ways We Should Rethink Demand Right Now

The challenge with this approach to measuring demand is that these benchmarking services only measure converted demand for hotels

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image for the hotels network announcement of benchdirect destinations, their new benchmarking solution

The Hotels Network Launches New Benchmarking Platform for DMOs

For the first time tourism marketers and destination managers can use benchmarking to compare their performance with competing destinations

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Understand the Fundamentals of Hotel Benchmarking

It is fantastic to have access to various types of hotel benchmarking metrics. But we must understand that not every piece of information is important

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Six Ways Benchmarking Can Support Post Pandemic Recovery

No matter what stage of the pandemic you are experiencing, these six benchmarking areas will support your distribution strategy and revenue recovery

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article image of the Charlottehaven Hotel in an article about increased website conversions

Increase Website Conversions by 71.9%: Charlottehaven Hotel Case Study

The hotel was looking for a tactic to retain people on the hotel website, and encourage weekday reservations

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video thumbnail image coffee time chat about benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Coffee Time Chat with Peter Brauer and Henrik Karlsson

As we start to come out of the pandemic what is the impact, and engagement, around benchmarking? Can you give us some thoughts, observations around that

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cake layers like different hotel distribution channels

Benchmarking Your Hotel’s Direct Channel Performance

Traditional hotel benchmarking tends to be based on occupancy and rates, with no visibility on how the end result came to be. We thought you needed more

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Indexing: Simple and Important in Today’s Hotel Benchmarking

Indexing is incredibly versatile. Generally, 2019 should be “base” year on your index and serve as the replacement for any chart using y-o-y percent change

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Who Moved My Hotel’s Market Share?

Your comp set by market segment may be different to your comp set for your room classes or location. It is important to answer: why do I need this comp set?

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different coloured balls showing variety of hotels and importance of benchmarking

Hotel Benchmarking: Insider Tips to Kickstart Your Journey

It is worthwhile to look beyond the traditional idea of a compset when benchmarking your hotel and consider dynamic compsets

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