Hi, welcome to our first video of 2023. We took a bit of a break over the festive period to recharge and we’re back ready for the Year ahead

Today we kick off by revisiting a core topic in 2022 – RMA – RevMarketing Automation

In this discussion we take a deeper dive into the Revenue aspect of RevMarketing Automation and explore how revenue strategies can be applied directly to the hotel’s website and what the benefits of this are.

To help us along, we have two guests to give us their valuable insights:

🔹 Cristina Blaj, Brand Ambassador for Userguest, one of our Expert Partners, and Founder of Open Revenue Consulting
🔹 Alejandro Garcia, Director of Sales, EMEA for Duetto

In this wide ranging conversation we explore:

  • Why do a majority of hotels not apply revenue strategies to their websites?
    What is the role of the Revenue Management System and How important is the marketing data to inform the revenue strategy?
  • What are the reasons hotels should consider applying these revenue strategies to the direct channel?
  • Where does RMA step into this equation and how does it act as the facilitator between the RMS and the direct channel?
  • What kind of strategies can and should be applied to maximise this relationship and drive a revenue?

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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01:07 Guest welcome
02:00 Most hotels do not apply revenue management strategies to their websites, why is that?
04:26 What is the role of the RMS (Revenue Management System) and importance of marketing data to inform revenue strategy
07:48 What are the reasons hotels should consider applying revenue strategies to their direct channel
14:30 Where does RMA fit into the equation between the RMS and direct channel
18:37 Examples of some strategies that could be applied
25:45 Some summary points
29:17 Unlocking the power of RMA
32:40 Wrapping up
35:05 Video links and channel subscription