european union flags reflecting the driving force between the digital markets act DMA

Digital Markets Act (DMA), What Does This Mean For Your Hotel?

The Digital Markets Act has the potential to rebalance the relationship with OTAs, thanks to greater control over their online distribution

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google browser on a laptop reflecting importance to hotels of free and paid digital solutions

Google: What are the Free and Paid Hotel Digital Solutions?

Google is working hard to improve solutions for hoteliers. We outline some of the best free and paid tools to help you reach and convert travellers

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christmas gift reflecting the increase revenue hotels can gain with some quick wins to increase holiday bookings on their website

Quick Wins to Increase Holiday Bookings on your Hotel Website

There are extra steps hoteliers can take to maximize holiday bookings and make sure their marketing efforts hit the right notes

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money and a stopwatch reflecting increase of buy now pay later in the hospitality industry

Exploring Buy Now, Pay Later to Boost Hotel Direct Bookings

In the hospitality industry, the Buy Now Pay Later payment method is a game-changer. It’s reshaping the way guests experience hospitality

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email icon an a mobile phone reflecting email deliverability and the impact of the new apple iOS17 and link tracking protection

Email Deliverability: Impact of Apple Link Tracking Protection

Stripping these email URL tracking parameters will make it harder to accurately attribute website visits or conversions back to specific campaigns

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laptop with a hotel website on the screen illustrating the power of website url customization

The Power of Website URL Customization in the Hotel Industry

Website URL customization might seem a minor technical detail, but it can have a significant impact on your hotel’s online success

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person on a laptop possibly booking a room through the hotel website reflecting importance of google ads integration to elevate direct booking

How Google Ads Integration Elevates Your Direct Booking Strategy

Hoteliers are turning to various online strategies to capture attention of potential guests, and Google Ads has become a game-changing tool

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hand on computer mouse overlayed with a dollar image reflecting importance for a hotel to maximize returns by navigating budgets and costs in hotel paid search

How AI Will Affect Paid Search for Hoteliers

To help you learn how AI is improving digital marketing strategies such as paid search this article outlines everything you need to know

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person shouting through a megaphone reflecting the importance for hotels to stay on top of their guest feedback

How to Stay on Top of Your Guest Feedback

Guest feedback holds the key to unlocking invaluable insights that can drive operational improvements and enhance guest satisfaction

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man in suit walking with a surfboard reflecting the rebound of business travel and bleisure travel trends

How to Capitalize on Business Travel Rebound & Bleisure Trends

Bleisure travel and the recovery of global business travel present a unique opportunity for hotels in several ways

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