woman and robots in front of computers refelcting a potential outdated view of adding ai to your hotel call center

The Power of Integrating AI into Your Hotel’s Call Center

While AI is not designed to replace your entire call center, it can significantly allow those employees to give full attention to more complex reservations

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christmas bauble reflecting upcoming holiday season and need for hotels to focus on quick wins for conversions

Quick Wins For Conversions This Holiday Season

Creating a sense of urgency is a solid strategy for increasing conversions during a campaign. This is especially true for holiday sales

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different coloured dots joined up reflecting importance of aligning data from a fragmented booking funnel

How to Create Alignment From a Fragmented Booking Funnel

The more vendors and programs you are using in the booking funnel, the more data sets you will need to weed through to determine the best course of action

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking

Expedia Search & Sort Factors Update: What Impact for Hoteliers?

This August, Expedia Group is releasing new Search and Sort Factors in their marketplace that will affect how hotels appear in Expedia’s search results

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Google Name Highlighted by a light reflecting the focus now on hotels transferring to google analytics 4

Preparing Your Hotel For The Sunset of Google’s Universal Analytics

There’s no way to import your existing data into Google Analytics 4. That makes this transition quite the change project!

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coins flying off reflecting how conversion rates can be impacted by parity performance

How Your Conversion Rate Is Affected By Parity Performance

How much additional direct revenue could you capture if you lowered the number of parity violations and proportionally raised your conversion rates by 56%?

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train tracks reflecting different distribution challenges that could be helped by a channel manager

Hotel Distribution Strategy From The Inside Out

The hotel distribution landscape is as dynamic as ever. Success in this ever-changing environment requires responsiveness and swift action

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different colour casino poker chips reflecting different hotel distribution channels and technology needs

How to Build the Ultimate Distribution Technology Strategy for a Casino Resort

The biggest winners in the casino resort market are those that reduce customer effort while delivering the best experience both digitally and in person

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letters spelling out the word loyalty

Which Loyalty Program Is Best For Your Hotel?

Brands that can use loyalty programs effectively to unlock the potential of repeat guests can gain a significant edge over the competition

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face with code overlayed reflecting importance of increasing digitization in hospitality

The Importance of Increasing Digitization in Hospitality

The majority of hotels have yet to unleash their full digitization potential. It’s not for lack of trying: 75% of hotel executives support AI marketing

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