We are delighted to welcome GuestEQ as an Expert Partner

In this “Who Are We” interview we are joined by:

Scott CurranCo-founder of GuestEQ

In this discussion Scott talks about his background and his journey from concierge to leading the strategic operations of a multi property hotel company.

He introduces us to GuestEQ, the company, it’s solution and core differentiators, outlining how his frustration with antiquated operational practices led to him developing the platform.

Finally, Scott outlines how his aim to digitize operations has led him to develop a highly efficient, effective and simplified tool that makes sure what needs to get done, gets done; ultimately leading to greater guest satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy 🤞👍

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🎞 Here are the video chapters:

  • Guest Welcome (1:26)
  • Guest Introduction (2:28)
  • GuestEQ Introduction (3:47)
  • Solution Offering (6:15)
  • Solution Impact (9:55)
  • Cross Functionality (13:30)
  • Typical Client Profile (17:26)
  • Core Differentiator (21:47)
  • Wrapping Up (24:40)
  • Subscribe and more videos (28:28)

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