Leverage Facebook Marketing Strategies to Increase Hotel Bookings

Social media has evolved significantly in the last few years and has no intention of stopping or pausing. Hotel brands have kept pace with them by using industry influencers, traveller stories and audio visual mediums to optimize on them. Hoteliers are also open to idea of advertising on social media more freely now than ever before

According to eMarketer, 46% of of travel brands advertised on social media in 2016 since they feel social media ads are effective at reaching the target audience.

Facebook remains the big fish of social media marketing, providing a mature platform for a hotel to connect with the relevant audience.

Facebook has significantly changed with time, evolving itself to become an ideal channel for business needs. The platform comes features such as check-ins, reviews and call-to-action buttons that link directly to booking engines simplifying the complete travel shopping experience.

Infact powerful hotel management system like Hotelogix allow your followers to book their stay on the hotel’s facebook page itself. As a hotelier, you are making the booking process easier for your guests, while tapping into the database of your loyal fans on Facebook. This a win-win for everyone, as it saves time for the guest and let’s the hotelier win commission free bookings.

Hotels can also integrate various Apps onto their Facebook page, allowing their page to be a central hub with all of the hotel’s information, thus streamlining their online marketing efforts”

Facebook ads are extremely popular among hoteliers, with feature upgrades being released every few months, aimed to reach the right audience without compromising their overall feed experience. For instance, Facebook advertisers can distribute their ads through the Facebook Audience Network or increase viewership through Facebook’s 360-degree travel videos. The updated ad preferences and dynamic ads since last year are more such interesting updates from the Facebook Advertising portfolio. Users now have better control over the kind of ads they want to view.

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