How to Use Facebook Advertising to Increase Your Direct Bookings?

How to Use Facebook Advertising to Increase Your Direct Bookings?

With its detailed targeting options, Facebook advertising can be a fantastic source of bookings. But, you need to set up things correctly. If done poorly, Facebook advertising can cobble up your cash equally quickly. Follow this quick guide to success on one of the best advertising platforms of our time.

Let’s begin by going back in time when there was no Internet and advertising was limited to newspapers, magazines, television and radio. You would find a mass medium whose audience loosely matched the profile of the guests who’re likely to stay with you before placing an ad. Measuring ROI from an advert accurately was impossible.

Fast forward to today when you have platforms like Facebook that know everything about us through information we’ve supplied and aggregated data. With targeting criteria that range from basic demographics and location to interests, birthdays, family status, employment and more, modern advertisers have the power to define exactly who sees their ad, when and where, giving better returns and results.

Why Facebook Advertising Fails for Some?

The biggest culprit to failed or lesser successful advertising campaigns on Facebook is a ‘boosted’ post.

A boosted post is the simplest and easiest way to advertise on Facebook.  But, it is the most basic form of advertising. It circumnavigates all that incredible targeting options that makes this platform so unique and gives you fantastic ROI. Without targeting, placing a Facebook ad is a bit like putting a billboard by the side of the road and hoping that your customers will see it.

Let’s Set up a Basic Facebook Campaign

Start with creating a ‘buyer persona’ or a profile of your guests. Using information from your property management system, channel manager, survey results and website analytics, write down everything you know about your prospective guests – age, interests, location, employment, family, etc.

Next, set up your campaign goal. Let’s assume we want to promote a particular offer. Based on your guest profile, create a package that will appeal to your audience.

Give the package an appealing title and add the value-adds and elements included in the package such as free access to spa or breakfast. We recommend offering the package at a discount compared to buying each element of the package separately. And always show what the package would cost separately so they can see the value (eg. Spa Package for $300 – value $600). People love to feel like they are getting incredible value for their money.

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