Below you will find brief introductions and links to 5 case studies which can help hoteliers looking to optimize revenue, develop sophisticated pricing strategies, refine revenue management strategies, streamline operations, or seize opportunities in times traditionally considered off-peak.

NB: These case studies are from Atomize, one of our Expert Partners

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The Arcade Hotel

Are you striving to navigate the complexities of the current hospitality landscape? Wondering how to adapt and thrive amidst fluctuating demand and the relentless quest for operational efficiency? The story of The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam unveils a groundbreaking strategy that led to a staggering 35% increase in Average Daily Rate (ADR), setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Whether you’re looking to optimize pricing, streamline operations, or simply inspire your next big move, this case study is a must-read.

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Kronen Hotels

In an era where adaptability and innovation determine the survival and prosperity of hoteliers, Kronen Hotels stands as a beacon of success. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Chris Pedersen, the Norwegian hotel group not only weathered the pandemic storm but emerged stronger, showcasing a commendable 20% increase in Average Daily Rate (ADR).

Whether you’re looking to refine your revenue management strategy, elevate your operational efficiency, or simply seek inspiration from a compelling success story, this case study is a must-read.

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EMA House Zurich

In a dynamic hospitality landscape, the key to not just surviving but thriving lies in strategic adaptability and technological innovation. EMA House Zurich, under the insightful leadership of General Manager Jonathan Anthamatten, exemplifies this principle through its remarkable journey of transformation and growth.

Whether you’re aiming to maximize your property’s revenue potential, streamline operations, or gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market, this case study offers a treasure trove of learnings and inspiration

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Hotel Opus 16

In the heart of Bergen, Norway, lies Hotel Opus 16, a beacon of elegance and innovation that has significantly uplifted its performance metrics through strategic revenue management. With Atomize’s state-of-the-art revenue management system, Opus 16 has not just navigated the complex dynamics of pricing in the hospitality industry; it has thrived, marking a remarkable 25% increase in ADR and a 32% boost in RevPAR in Q2 2023 alone.

This case study offers an in-depth look at the sophisticated pricing strategies that propelled Opus 16’s KPI growth, their journey through the pandemic, and their forward-looking plans to further enhance guest experiences.

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Go Hotels

In the fiercely competitive hospitality landscape, the secret to outperforming business expectations and achieving unprecedented growth lies in embracing cutting-edge technology. Go Hotels in Denmark exemplifies this strategy, having enhanced its ADR and RevPAR by an impressive 10% since adopting Atomize RMS. This case study dives into the transformative journey of Go Hotels, revealing how the integration of automated pricing propelled them to their best year yet.

Discover the strategies that allowed Go Hotels to seize opportunities in times traditionally considered off-peak, and how a data-driven approach to pricing transformed their business outlook.

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