marketing person writing out tips and ideas for hotel content creation for different hotel segments

Over the last few years, social media has become one of the most significant influencing factors for travelers. In a study conducted by Statista in 2023, 75% of respondents were influenced to travel to a destination by social media. Users are looking not only at hotel websites but also at photos and videos posted by the property on social media. These posts give potential guests a more realistic view and can influence them to book or not.

NB: This is an article from Travel Media Group

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The number one rule of posting content on social media is authenticity. Being honest about your property online lets guests know exactly what to expect upon arrival. If you post stock images of a pool, gym, room, etc., that are not from your property, guests’ expectations will not be met and can result in complaints or bad reviews.

Hotels fall under specific segments based on room features, size, amenities, cost, and purpose. Understanding your niche gives you a direction on what kind of content you should be posting. Be proud of who and what your property represents. Travelers will prefer different accommodations depending on their personal needs and preferences. Capitalize on what makes your property unique through social media content!

Content Creation

In the social media world, content creation is defined as producing and sharing digital media content for specific audiences online. This content can be text, photos, graphics, videos, GIFs, etc. There are best practices that properties can implement to ensure their brand is putting its best foot forward digitally.

Ask questions about your guests and your brand to lead you in the right direction. What are my guest’s reasons for staying? What do their demographics tell? Why do they choose my property? What sets my property apart from others? These are the foundations of what type of content you should be posting.

Overall, all hotel segments should be utilizing these best practices to garner a successful social media presence:

  1. Tell your story: Identify your brand’s unique selling points (USPs) and use them to connect with your guests emotionally.
  2. Post quality content: Don’t post “fluff” content. Post insightful and valuable content that informs guests about your property or brings a human element to the page (employee highlights).
  3. Implement interactivity: Post polls, quizzes, and question boxes on Instagram stories to spark engagement.
  4. Excite future guests: Post about upcoming events, promotions, new features, etc.
  5. Work with influencers or local businesses: Pay influencers to create UGC for your property or partner with local companies for brand awareness.
  6. Be authentic and helpful: The bottom line is to remain true. Do not advertise your property as something it is not.
  7. Create a content calendar: Plan out your content a month ahead so you always have a plan to post.
  8. Stay consistent: Stick to your calendar and remain active on your platforms. Algorithms reward active profiles.

Dive into specific content ideas for social media below based on your hotel segment:

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