man in a suit with a surfboard on the beach reflecting continuing impact of bleisure travel

Bleisure, the blending of business and leisure when it comes to travel, is not a new term.

NB: This is an article from TCRM

According to a Wikipedia page on the subject, the term was first published in 2009. But the term has become popularized more recently through adoption by digital nomads, people who travel freely while working remotely.

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Strategies for Hotels To Capture More Bleisure Travel

So, what are some strategies hoteliers can take if they want to capture bleisure travel?  It seems that resorts and hotels in popular locations would have an easier time selling business travelers a few extra nights.  

However, hotels that struggle for occupancy on weekends, such as hotels in corporate locations, may come away with a few tips, as may resorts with early mid-week occupancy challenges.

Weekday/Weekend Rates

Bleisure travelers almost always tack on a day or two after their business is concluded. “Mullet Travel”, a funny way to say it’s all business up front and fun in the back, is by far the most common travel pattern.  Hotels more traditionally suited to business travelers may want to offer their negotiated accounts special weekend rates to encourage their travelers to stay over if there are attractions nearby.  And be sure to emphasize (and constantly update) those attractions and local events on their websites.

Amenities that Support Remote Work

To encourage business travelers to extend their stay, be sure they know all the ways they can relax and play both on property and nearby. Emphasize room type features that support remote work, such as spacious work areas with lighting and USB ports, in-room refrigerator. If customized confirmation emails are an option, for business traveler segments highlight the idea of extending their stay and keeping the same room.

Rich Content About the Local Area

Rich content that is both descriptive and unique essential to attracting visitors to their website.  Hotels wanting to increase their capture of bleisure travelers should provide this content not only about their property and brand, but also about local attractions and fun things to do on-property or nearby.  Consider featuring local attractions on the website and keeping an updated events calendar Also, don’t forget to update content on OTA channels to help in a similar way.

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