hotel sales reservations team illustrating impact of phone bookings to grow direct revenue

Even in today’s digital age, the voice channel remains powerful for hotel bookings. Our 2024 Hospitality Benchmark Report found that the voice channel maintains the highest average booking value of any channel, and outbound call campaigns can net properties an additional $1,717 per room each year on average.

NB: This is an article from Revinate

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In today’s competitive market, your ability to effectively leverage your voice channel can be the key to greater direct revenue streams and guest loyalty. Here we explore effective strategies to help you increase hotel phone bookings and propel your business forward.

1. Put your digits on display

One fundamental tactic to increase hotel phone bookings is to make certain your reservation sales phone number is prominently displayed on your website. This means featuring both your toll-free and local numbers for maximum accessibility. Strategically place them in the header or footer of each website page, as well as in your contact section.

It’s equally important to ensure that your numbers are correct and consistent across search results and business profile pages. Why? Because 70% of customers expect the convenience of a click-to-call button when browsing on their mobile devices. It creates a smooth path to the next step in the booking process.

2. Build a winning team

As the presence of technology continues to grow in the hospitality industry, maintaining the human touch becomes even more invaluable. To maximize your revenue potential, it’s critical to select the right team members for your hotel call center. Remember that these representatives are the voice of your brand, embodying your values with each conversation.

By investing in individuals who have excellent communication skills and understand the nuances of hospitality, you ensure a pleasant and positive booking experience for your guests. Furthermore, well-trained staff can effectively upsell amenities, handle challenging inquiries, and personalize offers in ways that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Capitalize on outbound opportunities

Revinate research shows that 64% of guests don’t book on the first call with an agent. So, achieving the full potential of hotel phone bookings involves more than just fielding inbound calls. It’s also about proactively reaching out to potential customers through outbound calls.

Creating a shift toward a sales mindset among agents is key. By equipping them with the tools and training to effectively convert outbound calls into bookings, you help inspire a sense of ownership and motivation among your agents because they can clearly see how their efforts directly impact revenue generation.

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