The prominent 5-star hotel group, JA Resorts & Hotels, with its 10 luxury properties and 1500 rooms in Dubai, Maldives and Seychelles has chosen Atomize as their Revenue Management Software (RMS) provider.

NB: This is an article from Atomize, one of our Expert Partners

JA Resorts & Hotels come from a background of using a traditional RMS but realized they needed to upgrade to a more market-responsive solution. In the research process of searching for a more result-driven and easy-to-use RMS, Atomize caught their attention.

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JA Resorts & Hotels desired an RMS that had the ability to deliver just in time optimal pricing decisions that their Revenue Managers could rely on. With Atomize’s sophisticated real-time pricing engine and its proven track record in terms of a high price acceptance ratio, Atomize ticked all the boxes and was the solution of choice.

The main goal by implementing Atomize is to provide an intelligent and intuitive RMS to support the Revenue Managers in growing their RGI and RevPAR, combined with gaining operational efficiencies through real-time automation. The deployment of Atomize has already been initiated and JA Resorts & Hotels plans to have the program implemented in 7 properties within the JA Resorts & Hotels portfolio before the end of Q1.

JA Resorts & Hotels required a modern and cloud-based revenue solution that integrated seamlessly into their tech stack, most importantly with their PMS provider Protel.

“We feel truly honored partnering up with an iconic hotel group like JA Resorts & Hotels with its magnificent properties in the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. Atomize’s proprietary and fully automated real-time pricing engine will enable JA Resorts & Hotels to save valuable resources while maximizing profits and increasing overall operational efficiency”, says Alexander Edström, CEO at Atomize.

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