hotel video marketing is good content for a website

As social media algorithms change, it’s important to stay relevant to be found online.

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Regardless of how much you post to social media, you won’t reach your entire audience. While paying to boost posts will help get you seen by more people, one strategy to receive more free engagement is to look locally for social media content ideas.

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Facebook will serve content to users if the context is on par with what people are looking for, and local content is essential to its users. You can receive a higher reach and more engagement by posting about topics that are important to your local audience. The more relevant, local content you post, the more you can extend your reach!

Now, let’s look at 5 ways you can use local content on your hotel’s social media page.

  • Spread the Word About Local Events

A great way to garner attention is by posting about a popular local event such as a sports event or county fair. You can also include information about your free breakfast to boost direct bookings.

  • Advertise Discounts & Specials

When you’re not paying out OTA fees, you can provide reasonable discounts to those who book direct. Travelers are always looking for deals, and a small discount can be enough to encourage guests to choose you over the competition.

  • Show How You’re Keeping Up with Trends

Whether you’re sharing that your hotel is a stop for Pokemon Go or talking about every sports-lover’s favorite season, you can reach a niche audience by honing in on what’s trending.

  • Attract Holiday Travelers

Holiday weekends mean lots of road trips. Be sure to post about holidays and specials to stay top-of-mind to travelers making their holiday plans.

  • Feature Local Attractions

Talking about local restaurants and attractions is a win-win for your area. You may even be able to get some social traction if the other business decides to share your post about them!

Build Your Hyper-Local Content Strategy

Need more content ideas? We’ve gathered some tips to help you build highly-engaging content that caters to your local audience.

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