Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion. Today we are joined by one of our regular guests:

🔹 Stephanie Smith – Founder & Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing, one of our Expert Partners

In this discussion we pick up on a topic Stephanie has written about recently, namely the need for hotel marketing to move beyond the metrics of ROI and ROAS.

We discuss how there needs to be a change in hotel marketing mindset, what other KPIs should be considered to truly determine hotel performance and what additional data sets need to be looked at to better inform strategies and decisions.

Finally we touch a little bit on what Stephanie is seeing in terms of budgets, human resource and general hotelier attitude to hotel marketing at this point.

Hope you enjoy it 🤞👍

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Here are two articles Stephanie has written around this topic:

  1. Is It Time for Hotel Marketing to Evolve Past ROI
  2. A New Way to Look at Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns

🎞 Video Chapters:

  • Guest Welcome (01:26)
  • Topic Introduction (02:25)
  • Need to change hotel marketing mindset (04:45)
  • Why you should consider other KPIs (07:33)
  • What other data sources to consider (10:54)
  • Are you missing a component in ROI calculation (15:14)
  • Holistic examples for typical digital channels (17:13)
  • What is the current attitude to hotel marketing (26:16)

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