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Picture this: there is a man who toiled away at work for ten solid hours.

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But once he clocked out of his office, he would see his friends, have some beer, watch a football match and sleep the night away. On weekends, he would go for mini excursions, treks, or bowling. This seems like he has an excellent work-life balance. Even when he planned vacations, they were more on the lines of discovering a new place and exploring an unknown culture.

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Then, the pandemic hit, and life as we knew it changed.

Today, the same man has been working from home all day long. The lines between personal and professional lives have blurred as he never gets to clock out from work. Social distancing ruined his plans with friends, so no more catching up with friends at a restaurant, going for running marathons or bonfire nights.

For him, the meaning of vacation and traveling has changed dramatically. Today, as much as he cares about exploring a new place, he cares more about escaping his own life.

So, he ends up searching for a good hotel that checks all the boxes for him for a good restful weekend away. This is where having good content for your hotel proves helpful.

What is hotel content, and why is it so crucial?

If you are a hotelier, you must understand how important it is to create a connection with your customers.

This is because today, people seek more than just a breakfast and bed situation when searching for hotels. They desire a well-rounded experience that begins right from the moment they start searching for hotels online.

Thus, it becomes inherently crucial that the content available online about your hotel stays up to date on the latest changes so as to offer insightful information to the customers.

This is important because, with accurate and valuable content, you ensure your position as a credible business. It helps you reinforce stronger customer relationships and convert prospects into regular patrons.

Hence, with good content, you increase your chances of having more loyal customers and a stronger brand position.

What’s the need to update content frequently?

Our lives have become heavily digital. One can’t blindly book or buy things without running a quick Google search. Hence it is not surprising that over 700 million people are likely to turn to online bookings by 2023.

But to do so, they will need more than just basic hotel descriptions.

This explains why having good content online about your hotel that also gets frequently updated is so important.

With the pandemic taking the world by a storm, there is also invigorated competition in the Hospitality sector. Thus, to beat your rivals, updating your hotel content with the latest and relevant information about services, attributes and amenities becomes crucial.

But that’s not all; here are some of the other benefits of updating your content frequently:

  1. Higher rate of conversionsYou raise your chances of being listed higher with accurately updated content, thus boosting your visibility.With better chances of being seen by the customers, your conversion rate is likely to improve too. So, update your content frequently!Add information about relevant attributes, changing policies, and enticing offers. This will help your hotel to show up on different filters. For example, if your hotel has a pet-friendly policy, be sure to update it.
  2. Improved visibilityAn updated hotel content has a better chance of acquiring a customer’s trust.Imagine landing on a hotel listing and barely finding relevant, new, or complete information. A customer would scroll right past it, and it will decrease its visibility, too.Hence you must update your content so that it manages to strike an emotional chord with your potential customers.More clicks, improved visibility, better conversion– it’s that simple.
  3. Genuine expectationsNothing is worse than being fooled by an online listing. No customer wants to be dazzled with fancy hotel listings only to find that half the information listed is inaccurate.Good, updated content across all the OTA and websites will help build a genuine customer expectation. And fulfilling that honest expectation will allow you to earn your credibility.Thus, to inculcate the sense of genuineness, it’s essential that the hotel content is updated and uniform across all sites.

Content AI – The magic your hotel content needs

As a hotelier, you are already burdened with delivering a great guest experience. So why take an extra headache of maintaining and updating hotel content frequently across all sites?

This is where the Content AI comes in.

It helps you understand the significance of certain content and enables you to prioritize them by prompting updates when required. Plus, you can update content across all the OTAs in one go. No more going through the grueling and time-consuming process of updating the information regularly!

Content AI as an automation tool will quickly resolve all your hotel content issues with zero effort. You only have to insert your hotel’s latest images and pertinent information on the cloud-based software and let it do its magic. And when you need to refurbish the old content, you simply have to update the information in one place- on the software. One push, and it is uniformly changed across all third-party sites.

Hence with excellent AI technology, easy and quick editing, accurate image categorization, SEO-friendly feature, and automatic updates are all possible, and you end up staying at the top of your game!


In a business like the Hotel industry, where the competition is exceptionally cutthroat, one thing that will help you stand out is your content.

Before a potential customer sees your property in person, they will have a quick look at the hotel listing. So, if your listing is accurate and top-notch, the chances of engagement will be higher.

We understand that updating content regularly is a tedious task, especially when actively running a hotel, so this is precisely why adopting Content AI will free you of all the content updates and management issues.

Now channel your energy onto more pressing matters while the automation tool takes care of your digital image!

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