How Video Content Can Powerfully Boost Your Hotel’s SEO Efforts

How Video Content Can Powerfully Boost Your Hotel’s SEO Efforts

Google is getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to differentiating between high and low quality content. Traditional SEO tactics such as link building have been replaced with an emphasis on creating the best possible user experience, and video content has been right at the heart of this change in approach.

Although a video is processed by Google’s algorithm differently than a page of text, it’s still a hugely powerful tool when it comes to climbing the search results pages. Don’t believe us? Take a look at 4 reasons below.

1. The YouTube Factor

It’s sometimes easy to forget, but YouTube is a search engine. In fact, it’s the second biggest in the world (and it’s owned by the first biggest.)

Optimising your videos to rank higher both on Google and within YouTube’s own search results pages is something you can and should do. Unsurprisingly, Google favours YouTube content within the SERPs, so get it right on the video platform and you may see that traffic starts to pick up from traditional search too.

Ensure your videos’ titles are optimised with high ranking keywords, that your description is at least 200 words and sprinkled with keywords and that your metadata offers as much contextual information as possible to help your videos get discovered by the right audience. Of course, if you aren’t creating high quality, fun videos to begin with, your SEO efforts are likely to fall flat so focus on engaging content creation as a first priority.

2. The Role of Dwell Time

More powerful and immediate than text or even high resolution images, a well produced and carefully planned video can help you build your brand and drive bookings by getting guests itching to experience a holiday at your hotel.

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