The majority of UK travel management companies are turning their back on Lufthansa’s €16 GDS fee.

Two-thirds (67%) of the Guild of Travel Management Companies’ membership have declared that they have not registered for the Lufthansa website in order to avoid a levy applied to third party distributors who book via a GDS.

A further quarter (27%) have registered, but only to look at the functionality and capability of the Lufthansa agency portal, and not to use it for bookings.

Just 6% of GTMC member businesses have signed up to but will only use the direct channel, bypassing a GDS, if requested to do so by a client.

The German carrier is encouraging TMCs to book via; however, the site cannot provide any of the reporting or duty of care functionality required by TMCs, according to the GTMC.

The figures emerged as a formal compliant was lodged with the European Commission over the Distribution Cost Charge by the European Technology & Travel Services Association (Ettsa).

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