glh redefining hotel industry standards


Glh, the largest owner-operator hotel company in London, is poised to roll out its ‘choose your own room’ booking platform as it seeks to transform way the sector operates in the digital age.

The parent company of Amba Hotels, Claremont, Every Hotels and Thistle launched the functionality as a pilot in June 2015.

Speaking this week at the launch of The Future of Travel report from specialist digital marketing agency Qubit, glh director of digital transformation Caroline Cartellieri said:

“In other sectors the value chain has been redefined since the advent of digital. In travel it’s only now that aspects of this model are emerging.”

Cartellieri said glh’s ambition is to transform the customer experience and the ability to book individual rooms has been identified as a key unique selling point.

As well as this glh has responded to the challenge of the likes of Airbnb to completely change its structure by allocated a named host for ever room guests can interact with before they book.

This focus on customer experience reflects the growing influence of TripAdvisor reviews on sales while the impact of where a property comes in Google results becomes less important.

In May will be re-launched with more properties and additional functionality as glh looks to establish it as an OTA in its own right for the hotel sector.

As well as bringing other hotel brands on to the platform, third party retail partners could also integrate so they can offer individual room booking.

“Our aim is not less than to transform the way the hospitality industry operates,” Cartellieri told delegates at the event in London. “We believe that this is ground breaking in the industry.”

Glh claims to offer officially the world fastest hotel wifi at its Charring Cross Amba property allowing it to trial other digital services, said Cartellieri.

She said this was all aimed to developing a single customer view “maybe not in the next six months, but we will get there”.

But glh says technology alone will not guarantee it meets the challenges of the future.

Cartellieri said: “How can a relatively small player in the industry compete with the big boys? We cannot compete on scale and marketing spend.“We are leveraging technology and people. Neither of these can operate in isolation but together they can be quite a powerful combination.”

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