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Hotel social media marketing is essential for any successful online marketing campaign. However, where Facebook fits into the overall marketing puzzle can be a challenge.

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To master your Facebook advertising skills, you need to understand your primary goals and objectives and how Facebook ads can help you achieve these. Facebook offers a wide array of ad types and formats, making it easy to not only hone in on your target audience but also to reach them at the right time in the conversion funnel.

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Let’s take a look at some of the more common Facebook ads for hotels and how they can help your hotel succeed online:

1. Facebook Page Like Ads

The primary goal of “page like” ads is just that – to acquire more page likes.

However, buying unqualified Facebook likes for the sake of having a larger audience can be a risky investment.

It’s no secret that organic reach has been on the decline for quite some time now. With more publishers and users joining the social network every single day and combined with Facebook’s attempts to provide a better user experience, reach and engagement metrics have eroded substantially.

One of the many factors that makes up Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is engagement. If you publish a post and your fan base is actively engaging with and sharing your content, that content will organically reach a larger audience base. However, if you publish flat content that never gains any engagement momentum then Facebook will slowly stop showing your posts as often. Acquiring likes for the sake of having more page likes can kill your engagement rate and organic reach.

That’s why we typically recommend saving your budget and building a better organic experience to acquire new followers. This method is typically more cost-effective than spending hundreds on a likes campaign. The exception is for newer hotels that may not have a following. In that case, it may be beneficial to set aside a budget to build a following.

Creating focused audiences and serving them hyper-focused ads is a surefire way to ensure that the people you are reaching are interested in your brand and will actively engage with your content.

Facebook offers tons of targeting options that can be layered to reach very specific niches, making it easy to reach the exact demographic that will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. And, these advanced targeting methods also make it easy to match specific ad copy to your specific audiences.

Grand Wailea Maui Facebook page like ad.
This Facebook like ad for Grand Wailea Maui highlights their generous outdoor amenities, an important feature for this beachside resort.

Creating focused audiences and serving them hyper-focused ads is a surefire way to ensure that the people you are reaching are interested in your brand and will actively engage with your content. This general rule of thumb applies to any and all ad types.

Be sure to check out Facebook’s Guide to Organic Reach for any other questions you might have about how the algorithm works and how to use ads effectively.

Facebook Page Like Ads Tips for Hotels:

  • Use high quality images that highlight unique property amenities, rooms, and features.
  • Always make sure your pictures are centered and cropped appropriately if they exceed the recommended dimensions.

2. Facebook Page Promoted Posts

Page post engagement ads are a great way to increase the reach of your page’s content. Additionally, promoting a post allows you to reach an audience that has not already expressed an interest in your page through advanced targeting.

Targeting can be applied to the promoted post to reach a more focused audience and you can choose to reach only people who have liked your page already, a mix of current and potential page fans, or people who are not current page fans.

Any type of post can be promoted – status updates, photos, videos, and offers.

Promoted posts can be run with virtually any budget and for any length of time. Facebook also provides an audience size estimate and estimated daily results (reach and post engagement) based on your budget, targeting selections, and estimated run time.

Promoted Posts vs Boosted Posts

The “Boost post” option is also available at the bottom of every post that you publish on your Facebook business page. Boosted posts are particularly helpful from a hotel perspective to increase the reach of important property news, like the announcement of new renovations or new amenities, or to help spread the word about a new giveaway or promotion. Boosted posts are especially handy because you can build the ad directly from your Facebook page, without having to create a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.

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