Emerging Technology in Travel, Hotels and OTAs 2017 Report

In an ever-shifting technology landscape, we’ve identified three major trends that will have the greatest impact on travel,airlines, hotels and OTAs in 2017

Megatrend #1:  Connected Intelligence

The world is increasingly connected at every level. Global communications are instantaneous, and connected sensors and devices invisibly gather data everywhere and constantly. For 2017, businesses need to assess what they can know and what they might like to know. Because connected intelligence is designed to drive continual process improvement, businesses who understand that have the potential to quickly outstrip their peers.

Megatrend #2:  Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces aspire to flatten the learning curve when interacting with digital devices. By mimicking conversation with a human being – voice or text – we’ll see these interfaces becomes more refined, more capable and more integrated, making it important for businesses to make strategic decisions about where and how to be accessible through them. Message-based interfaces that inspire two-way interactions, and seamless conversation with computers – the holy grail of voice technology – will both have dramatic impacts on travel in 2017.

Megatrend #3:  Digital Reality

Digital realities – virtual, mixed and augmented – represent a spectrum of usefulness. The unifying theme is the curiosity and excitement they engender. In 2016, we saw the technologies underlying digital realities finally become real. Next year, more technology advances in both AR and VR, combined with greater consumer adoption, mean amazing things for the travel industry

Having identified these trends, what is the impact and opportunity?

For Agencies & OTAs
As traditional agencies and online travel agencies (OTAs) look for ways to improve service and support for existing customers, as well as broaden their client base, new technologies are providing tools to help increase efficiency, build deeper connections with customers, and inspire new travelers.

For Airlines
As airlines look for opportunities to improve operational efficiency and the traveler experience, new technologies are enabling improved training, service and maintenance, and a better understanding of the needs of travelers before, during, and after their flights.

For Hotels
As hotels continue to focus on the guest experience, the application of new technologies can to improve communication with guests, inspire new experiences and increase operational efficiencies.

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