How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Hotel?

300 hours of video uploaded every minute. Five billion videos watched daily on the channel. YouTube is big; second largest search engine after Google in fact. What are you doing to grow this channel? Or are you stuck at the set-up stage?

In this post we share basics on how to get your YouTube channel up and create content to keep it running.

Setting Up

Once signed into YouTube, you can use the gear icon on the top right hand side of the YouTube webpage to create a new business channel. It is really simple to do so.

Next, fill out the profile and about section. Put your best foot forward as this description appears at multiple places on the site and is essentially your sell-in. Don’t forget to add links to your website and social media. Using keywords is also recommended

When you’re optimising your page, make sure you spend enough time creating the right channel art (cover image for your channel). Make your brand the focal point – this is prime property on your YouTube page. If you already have many videos, create short channel trailers.

Once you’ve set everything up, go to ‘Channel’ on the left hand tab. One of its drop-down items is ‘Status & Features’. Here you can see your account status and if everything is in working order. If anything appears red, follow the directions to resolve the issue(s).

Another drop-down under ‘Channel’ is ‘Featured Content’. Here you can select the featured piece of content that will appear on your channel’s homepage. This video automatically plays anytime someone navigates to your page. Make this video a short and punchy sell-in to your property.

Under ‘Branding’ in ‘Channel’ drop-down, you can select the branding watermark that will overlay on your videos. This should be your property logo, with a link back to your website.

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