google my business app on a mobile phone reflecting importance to hotels of combining social media with their google business profile

Hey there, digital-savvy hotel marketers! Get ready to elevate your hotel’s digital game because Google just introduced an awesome feature that’s about to change the game.

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You can now add your social media links directly to your Google Business Profile, making your online presence even more dynamic and accessible.

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Why It Matters: Connecting with Guests Made Easier

Picture this: Your potential guests searching for your hotel on Google can now find your social media links right alongside your essential hotel information. No more jumping between platforms to find your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts. This new feature lets you showcase your social media presence on Google Search and Maps, giving your guests more ways to connect, gather info, and get their questions answered.

Rolling Out Gradually: The Lowdown on the Feature

Google is gradually rolling out this fantastic feature, so keep an eye out for when it becomes available in your region. Once it’s live, you’ll be able to enhance your Business Profile with those snazzy social media links.

Adding Social Media Links on Your Google Business Profile: Now Easy as Pie

Ready to dive in? Adding your social media links is as simple as a few clicks. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Business Profile and click Edit profile.
  2. Navigate to Business information and then Contact.
  3. Look for Social profiles and choose the social media platform you want to link.
  4. Add the web address for your chosen platform.

And voilà! Your social media links are now seamlessly integrated into your Business Profile.

Editing or Removing Links? No Problem

  1. To change a link, update the web address for the designated social media platform.
  2. To remove a link, hit the ‘Trash’ icon next to the social media profile you want to delete.

Wondering why this matters? Read on.

Why Hotel Marketers Should Care

  1. Boosting Your Presence
    Well, by adding your social media links to your Google Business Profile, you’re creating a more streamlined and engaging experience for your potential guests. Nowadays, guests expect to find everything they need in one place – including links to your website and social media. With this new feature, you’re giving them exactly what they’re looking for and ensuring your hotel stands out in the digital landscape.
  2. Staying Competitive: Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Rejoice
    You know those big hotel chains that effortlessly showcase their online presence? Now, small to medium-sized businesses can do the same. By adding your social media links to your Business Profile, you’re stepping up your game and offering the same seamless experience as the industry giants.
  3. Easy Management: The Nitty-Gritty Details
    Feel like a social media wizard? Good news – you can add the same social media link to multiple Business Profiles. This is especially handy if you’re managing multiple hotel locations. You can handle everything right on Search or Maps, or use the API to manage several locations at once. To learn more about this DIY-style, check out the Google Support Page.
  4. No Metrics, No Problem: Focus on Connection
    While Google doesn’t provide specific metrics like click rates for these social media links, the real win is in giving your guests a direct path to your social media channels. It’s all about connecting with your audience and providing a seamless online experience.

Get Ready to Shine: Elevate Your Hotel’s Online Presence

So, there you have it, hotel marketing maestros. Google’s latest update is all about giving your hotel the spotlight it deserves. With the ability to add social media links to your Business Profile, you’re inviting your guests into your online world with open arms.

Get ready to shine and take your hotel’s digital presence to the next level!

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