Lessons from Snapchat - three travel and hospitality brands getting it right

With every new platform comes the inevitable sighs from overworked digital marketers.

“Not another one” becomes the common refrain. There are generally two camps when it comes to new channels with marketing potential: ‘let’s do this’ or ‘wait and see.’

Recently, many have been considering whether to invest resources in Snapchat.

Snapchat, which emerged nearly six years ago, is only now coming around to the Big Kid’s table. The platform surpassed Twitter in daily active users in mid-2016. And it certainly helps that the company went public just this month.

Even though user growth stalled in recent months, the publicity around the IPO accelerated the pace at which marketers are engaging on the platform.

The creativity that the platform allows on both the brand and user side is phenomenal.

As the platform is its own unique beast, this means that brands must invest in the time to take quality content. Snap users are especially aware of authenticity, which raises the stakes for brands considerably.

So who’s doing it well? And what can we learn from them?

  1. GrubHub

GrubHub hits a home-run on two fronts: hiring and engagement. The team behind the handle uses Snapchat to be creative in ways that aren’t possible on other networks.

In this image below pulled by Wallaroo Media, the company is seeking an intern with “Snapchat skillz.” The collage shows the series of images shared within this one story — a simple message, told in the casual style that has made Snapchat so appealing.

snapchat skillz

GrubHub extends this savvy use of Snapchat to its engagement with followers.

The brand takes the concept of a giveaway and puts a Snap-spin on it by requiring a Snap response. For the example below, the company asked its followers to respond with a “food doodle” in order to be entered to win a random drawing.

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