How To Sell Hotel Rooms To Guests Not Hoteliers

How To Sell Hotel Rooms To Guests Not Hoteliers

With Christmas being less than 6 weeks away, planning for the festive season is in full swing and most Christmas decorations are being put up in hotels already.

As well as getting the hotel ready for Christmas, it is just as important to get the content on your website and rates in the booking engine ready for the festive season.

When optimising content on your hotel website, updating your Marketing landing pages or editing rate plan descriptions – here is what you have to keep in mind: At the initial stages ask yourself the following: do you use plain language that everyone can understand, or do you use technical hotel jargon?

Don’t let industry jargon get between you and your guests! In this blog we give you 4 points we recommend you check when writing your rate plans…

Take a look at this example of bad rate plan titles, even if they’re space-saving, these abbreviations are to be avoided at all costs.

2BB, 1BB1D, FOC… these are expressions regularly used by hoteliers and employees who have been working in the hospitality industry for years. But would everyone understand what this jargon means when looking to book a holiday?

After working in the tourism sector for numerous years, it is easy to forget that these are not common terms used by leisure guests and tourists.

A common mistake made by hoteliers is assuming everyone will understand the jargon that is being used for rate plans or rate plan descriptions. It is important to keep in mind you’re not selling your rooms to people in your industry, but to non-hoteliers. With Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner, we want to make sure your content is easy to understand and doesn’t hinder your audience from booking.

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