Satisfaction surveys for your hotel are much more than a mere administrative formality. They unlock the untapped potential of your establishment. The guest feedback acts as a real benchmark for your hotel, allowing you to measure customer satisfaction and continually improve your services and facilities.

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The right questions, at the right time, have the power to radically transform your guests’ satisfaction, revealing their expectations and needs and paving the way for constant improvement. A well-designed satisfaction survey will also help you to better understand the market in which you are positioned, strengthen guest loyalty and stay one step ahead in an ever-changing hotel sector.

So what are these powerful questions? How can you make the most of your satisfaction survey to really understand your guests’ needs and expectations and improve their experience? Discover our useful guide with over 30 strategic questions adapted to each stage of the guest journey.

As a bonus, at the end of this article, you’ll find FAQs such as what is the ideal frequency for sending out satisfaction questionnaires.

Ready to transform your satisfaction surveys? Let’s dive in.

How can you effectively gather feedback from your guests? 

Collecting feedback and learning from it is an essential part of the most efficient hotel marketing strategies. Before you even think about which questions to include in your satisfaction questionnaires, you need to decide how you want to collect your guests’ opinions. You have several options — face-to-face, paper questionnaire or online survey.

Online satisfaction surveys are becoming increasingly popular because they are practical and easy to complete. You can send them directly to your guests via WhatsApp, SMS and email, and even include a link on your hotel’s website. Social networks are also proving to be excellent platforms for gathering guest feedback, particularly by monitoring comments posted on TripAdvisor, Google or Yelp.

How can you take advantage of technology to get more guest reviews? 

Online satisfaction questionnaires and social networks play a vital role in gathering guests’ feedback. The fact that it’s online means you can access comments in real time, respond quickly and monitor and analyse the data more easily.

What’s more, technology allows you to automate the sending of these questionnaires. This is one of the features in the Guest Communications Hub from HiJiffy It enables you to automate the sending of satisfaction surveys throughout the guest journey and automate the sending of guest review campaigns at the end of their stay.

Satisfaction surveys — examples of questions for each stage of the guest journey

Once you’ve decided on the best way to send your satisfaction questionnaires, it’s time to choose the questions to include. However, as you can imagine, the choice of questions will depend on the stage a guest is at. The questions asked of a guest who has just started their stay at your hotel will certainly not be the same as those asked of a guest who is about to leave. But whatever the time you choose to send out your questionnaire, there is one golden rule, it must be concise and easy to understand to encourage your guests to fill it in.

So what questions should you be asking? Here are the essential questions to ask at each stage of the guest journey:

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