Are you using retargeting as part of your hotel’s market strategy? If not, you’re missing out an a huge opportunity. Today, we’re going to take you through why and how to make your direct bookings soar through retargeting:

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting targets potential hotel guests who have already visited your hotel’s website by displaying advertisements for your hotel to them on other digital platforms. It’s easy to do – just install a code or pixel on your hotel website, either on the entire site or just one specific page, and you’re ready to get started.

When a person visits your hotel’s website, this code places a cookie in their browser. This cookie allows you retarget the visitor using ads on various channels, like search engines and social media.

Retargeting targets potential hotel guests

Why is it Important?

On average across the hospitality industry, about 4% of the people who visit a hotel website, an OTA or an airline site decide to make a reservation. This means that 96% of them aren’t converting – and in most cases, it’s lower.

Imagine the revenue benefits you could achieve if only 3% or 4% more of your traffic turned from lookers to bookers.

Retargeting can help you with this. By using retargeting and experimenting with different marketing strategies, you’ll be able to ensure that more of your traffic converts.

The Biggest Benefits of Retargeting:

Gets the highest life in search volume

Comscore teamed up with Value Media to analyse 103 campaigns from 39 different advertisers covering 7 industries. They examined the lift in website visits and relevant search queries across six different media placement strategies. These strategies included audience targeting, contextual targeting, efficiency pricing, premium pricing, retargeting and run of network.

Gets the highest life in search volume

As you can see from the table, retargeting produced the highest lift in search queries at 1,046%.

You can target people based on their funnel stage

Retargeting works so well because you get to target people who recently visited your hotel’s website. Depending on their behaviour and the software you have, you can create unique marketing messages that can influence people who are solution or brand aware.

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