In this podcast we talk with Veit Meier and Till Benthien, from berner+becker, about how hotels can work through the crisis and prepare for the future – which will eventually come.

This is a far ranging discussion touching on the following areas:
Is there business still available now and which revenue streams could be considered?
  • Ethical decisions – should we still try to make monmey in these difficult times
  •  F&B
  • Government officials and diplomats / Medical personnel
  • Long term rental?
  • Rooms to be rented out to “Home Office” people
What, as RM professionals, should we be doing now to add value to our property?
  • Monitor future fair periods
  • Review price positioning/Yielding for future dates based on past demand data
  • Differentiate between the crisis now and future high demand periods
  • Year End Forecast – Optimistic, Pessimistic and Realistic
  • OTA content & set-up
Future Business
  • New distribution channels for your hotels / Insights into distribution possibilities and promotions
    • use current downtime to select the best partners and get them up and running (time consuming)
  • Length of stay strategy
  • Packages for your expected feeder market in 2020
  • Booking patterns – watching for potential rebound date
  • Loyalty guest marketing
  • Promote flexible cancellations vs generating cash flow via non-ref
  • Review deposit policies and reward groups that pay further in advance to secure cash flow
  • Keep communication high with current partners
    • Who
      • Guests
      • Distributors
      • Groups business
    • What
      • Show how you are coping with the situation
      • What you as a hotelier are looking forward to when the situation is over
      • How you currently help others
  • Forward communications
    • Maintain interest in products
    • Storytelling, Travel blog

berner+becker bio

Since May 2016 berner+becker revenue management is changing the way how independent hotels and smaller chains are having access to high qualitative revenue management services, by offering outsourced revenue management, consulting and training. Their mission is to “Provide hotels access to effective and tailor-made revenue management services. Performed by qualified and experienced revenue management professionals, always striving to deliver a positive impact on bottom line results.”