The power of email automation

Once a guest has signed up to receive information from your hotel, or carried out a transaction with your hotel, they have consented to receive information from you, either in the form of email or by other means. We suggest you use this consent wisely!

People are bombarded with marketing content and information from every avenue imaginable, so it’s easy for emails to get drowned out in all the noise. To prevent your efforts from heading to the trash or the spam folder, we recommend tailoring your communications via automation to make sure they are relevant and personal to the recipient.

A great way to ensure relevance, and to keep your subscriber/guests attention along the way is through automation.


This is a schedule of emails that are triggered automatically based on a set of criteria – that criteria being either a timing and/or another type of unique identifier(s).

These unique identifiers, or triggers, are what can help ensure your information is tailored specifically to the recipient. Once the automated email is setup and a recipient meets the criteria defined, the message is triggered and sent automatically.

The more people meet the criteria, the more are sent, all without you having to lift a finger!


Email automation has been seen to be powerful across a wealth of businesses, from generating new sales to nurturing already existing customers.

From a marketing perspective, I’m sure you have endless lists of contacts from different sources that you reach out to on the odd occasion with a beautifully designed email marketing campaign. But does that always bring about the results you’d like to see?

Email automation has the power to help convert possible leads to customers and help you delight existing customers.

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