Just as with any other social media network or with marketing in general, a solid strategy is needed to get the most out of Pinterest. With over 100 million active monthly users, the channel is simply too large to ignore. According to a recent blog by Pinterest itself, “93% of Pinners Use Pinterest to Plan or Make Purchases.” Whether your hotel currently uses Pinterest or you are looking to improve your currently strategy, here is a Pinterest Checklist for success specifically for hotels:

Creating an Account

A Pinterest Business account is needed to take advantage of Pinterest Analytics as well as Promoted Pins if you are interested in running any ads in the future. If you are currently using a personal account for your hotel, you can easily switch it to a business account under settings. Make sure to fully fill out any information


You have 160 characters to describe your hotel in the bio. This is a little more than a tweet. Try to accurately describe your hotel and include a keyword. While your Pinterest profile already lists the hotels location, it is still a good idea to enter the city or area the hotel is in for search purposes.

Verify your website

In order to get a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with content from your website on Pinterest, you need to verify your website. Pinterest provides a code that needs to be entered on your website in order to do this. Have your webmaster enter this onto your site, and in a few days that code should be active. To see if the code is now reporting data regarding your website, visit Pinterest Analytics and the column all the way on the right should be active.

Pinterest checklist for success: hotel edition

Create a hotel board

The first board that should be on your account is a board about your hotel. Use a high quality photo of the hotel as the cover photo, preferably the exterior of the hotel.

Create other boards

What is most important to guests staying at your hotel? Combine that with the most popular categories on Pinterest to create boards that are not only highly relevant to your guests but will also receive the most engagement. Some of the most popular topics on Pinterest are food, fashion, inspirational quotes, and humor. If there is a way that you can incorporate these into a board, example food places around the area, then take advantage of it.

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