hoteltonight perks app

HotelTonight is the latest travel marketer to foray into mobile loyalty, opting to roll out a new in-application feature called HT Perks, which lets users unlock bigger discounts based on the amount they spend.

The booking platform is offering frequent customers an easier way to access special offers – by encouraging them to reach specific spending thresholds in exchange for receiving tiered rewards. The HT Perks feature employs a video game-like angle to inspire app users to reach each level, suggesting that gamified loyalty is still a top revenue-driver for travel brands.

“[HT Perks is] always there when you need it,” said Ray Elias, chief marketing officer of HotelTonight. “Sticky and fun so it takes the anxiety out of a typical points program.

“You can browse and see hotels pop up even if you are just bored on public transit and looking for a mental escape,” he said. “Try doing that with a points dashboard.”

Next-gen mobile loyalty
HT Perks has been integrated into HotelTonight’s Android and iOS apps, enabling users to start earning rewards once they spend $100 or more on a booking.

Consumers who have made previous bookings at this amount or higher may also be grandfathered into HT Perks, based on their purchase history.

Individuals searching for accommodations will see a blue animated HT Perks badge marking each eligible listing.

HT Perks deals will not include blackout dates, a benefit that will likely appeal to consumers with specific travel dates in mind.

Travelers are also spurred to book more frequently on HotelTonight’s mobile platforms if they want to move up through the various loyalty levels. Each discount level is directly correlated to the amount that bookers spend.

Individuals who spend $100 or more on a booking will reach level one, while those who spend $750 will earn an extra five percent discount off level one.

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