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According to a recent ReviewPro webinar survey, 83% of hotels said they are focused on converting OTA users into direct bookers. Another poll during the event also found that 59% percent of hoteliers think that their current OTA strategy is just ok. Clearly the path to direct channel bookings is challenging for hotels, and though it’s certainly everyone’s priority, there is much work to be done.

There are several phases of the travel shopping journey that all contribute to the hotel shopper’s final decision, but none as important to the end game as:

1) Be found
2) Once found, be compelling enough that your property stays top of mind as they click around looking for the best experience at the right price
3) Lead them to your booking engine

Leonardo provides purpose-built digital marketing solutions that drive consumers down the purchase path to the ideal destination – your direct channels. Our solutions compliment those of Triptease, a platform designed to optimize your website and booking engine to drive more direct bookings. We’re excited to team up with Triptease next month at their Direct Booking Summit in Washington D.C., where we’ll share our best practices for how to affect purchase intent and drive direct bookings.

I recently sat down with Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease at Triptease (don’t you just love that title?) to discuss the mission of Triptease and why they’re hosting this Summit.

Darlene: Great to speak with you Charlie. What’s new?

Charlie Osmond, Triptease: Well, I recently moved over to New York from London and what a journey it’s been! I love the pace of life and more importantly the coffee. We’ve been expanding our office here and developing relationships with some of the big American hotel chains that are seeing great boosts in the direct bookings using our tools.

How do you think the OTAs will react to Triptease?

OTAs deliver tremendous value to consumers. We love OTAs when they are delivering incremental revenue to hotels. But there are clear dangers in over-reliance on the OTA channel and many hoteliers talk of undue pressure from some players. Healthy levels of direct bookings are essential to ensure fair play and they also offer the ability to deliver improved guest experiences. We’re here to help hotels worldwide increase their profitability and improve their relationships with guests.

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