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Today’s corporate planners seek far more than the standard fare of meeting spaces and sleeping rooms. The modern group travel itinerary is expected to transcend the confines of conference rooms, offering participants wellness options, engaging activities, and opportunities for leisure travel extensions.

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This shift reflects a broader trend towards blending business with pleasure, emphasizing the importance of wellness, and ensuring memorable experiences. Let’s delve into how hotels can meet these changing demands, grow hotel group business, and why having the right group sales software, like Tripleseat for Hotels, is crucial in orchestrating these complex arrangements.

The Rise of Wellness in Group Travel

Wellness is no longer just a personal priority but a significant consideration in group travel planning. Companies recognize the value of promoting health and well-being among their employees, even while on the road. Offering organized onsite wellness activities such as yoga classes or providing access to state-of-the-art gym facilities can make a property stand out. These amenities not only cater to the individual’s physical well-being but also promote mental health, offering a much-needed break from the intensity of meetings and conferences.

Curating Fun Group Activities

Gone are the days when group travel agendas were limited to meetings, meals, and departures. Today, you hotel group business is contingent on providing the fun. Planners are eager to infuse their itineraries with unique and fun activities that can foster team bonding and offer a taste of local culture. Whether it’s an adrenaline-pumping session of axe throwing or a serene sunset boat cruise, having a variety of options available for group activities is crucial. These experiences not only enhance the trip but also contribute to more dynamic and engaging corporate events.

Embracing Bleisure Travel

Bleisure travel – the blend of business and leisure – continues to gain popularity, with more travelers opting to extend their work trips for personal enjoyment. Offering flexible options for groups to extend their stay, and inviting friends or family to join, can significantly influence the booking decision. This flexibility allows participants to make the most of their business trips, turning obligatory travel into an opportunity for exploration and relaxation.

The Role of Group Sales Software

Coordinating the diverse elements of modern group travel requires precision, flexibility, and efficiency. This is where robust group sales software like Tripleseat for Hotels becomes indispensable. With the ability to manage room blocks, schedule out the day in detail, and track preferences all in one platform, hotel teams can ensure that every detail is accounted for. From the initial inquiry to the final billing, having a comprehensive tool that keeps track of all the moving parts simplifies the planning process for both the hotel staff and the travel planners.

As group travel continues to evolve, hotels have a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves by offering more than accommodations and meeting spaces. By focusing on wellness, fun activities, and the flexibility of bleisure extensions, properties can cater to the modern traveler’s holistic needs. Implementing a powerful group sales software like Tripleseat for Hotels ensures that these complex logistics are easily handled, allowing hotels to craft unforgettable group travel experiences.

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