The role of a Hotel Manager (or General Manager) is multifaceted, requiring a blend of leadership, operational expertise and the ability to develop and oversee the execution of strategic business goals.

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One of the most important actions that a Hotel Manager, especially in independent accommodations, must take is to develop the property’s revenue management strategies – a critical component that can make or break a hotel’s financial success. A Hotel Manager should be comfortable with using revenue management insights for strategic planning, including setting long-term goals, budgeting, and investment decisions. Additionally, understanding the competitive landscape, including competitors’ pricing strategies and market positioning, is vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

This article will review everything that an effective Hotel Manager needs to understand about strategic pricing and the importance of using revenue management systems (RMS) or automated pricing solutions to support and execute their strategic decisions.

The Art of Hospitality 

At its heart, hospitality is about creating exceptional guest experiences. A Hotel Manager must understand how pricing impacts the guest’s perception of their overall experience to develop revenue management strategies that will bring in new business and ensure that each guest has the optimal stay experience. To accomplish this, Hotel Managers should use guest data (from the CRM) to personalize guests’ experiences, create targeted promotions based on current market demand and build loyalty programs that drive repeat business and attract new customers through positive word-of-mouth.

In essence, revenue management is a comprehensive discipline that touches every aspect of a hotel’s operation but for Hotel Managers, a deep understanding of revenue management is imperative for driving revenue growth, ensuring guest satisfaction and achieving long-term profitability. 

The journey to mastering revenue management is ongoing, requiring continuous learning, adaptation and the ability to identify impactful market trends, revenue opportunities and potential opportunities for operational or strategic improvement to yield better results.

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