In today’s video we are joined by Adrienne Hanna, Founder of Right Revenue

Our discussion covers a number of areas with the intention of trying to explore if the role of the Revenue Manager really has evolved, or not.

Areas we touch on and questions we pose are:

How technology has impacted the evolution and whether it is a threat or an enabler (3:46)
Is there sometimes a fear that the RMS may expose the ability of the current revenue manager or GM

Does the antiquated view of Revenue Management really exist still (6.45)
Is it still seen by many outside of revenue management as a data cruncher sitting in a back office with excel spreadhseets

How the RMS should liberate the Revenue Manager from the data crunching piece (10.26)
Are revenue managers still spending multiple hours producing reports in a semi automated way

If I was a GM what would I want my Revenue Manager to be doing (13.50)
Costs, distribution and market segments are a good starting point

Why has the role not evolved as it should have – is it down to the Revenue professional, GMs and Owners or both (25.42)
If we are still focusing on rates, and in the current climate not cutting them, isn’t this an illustration of how little revenue management has moved on.

Are we in limbo or is it a Chicken and Egg scenario – we just need to work out which comes first (30:20)
If new hotels open with the same commercial structures and (pretty much) the same job descriptions and roles as seen 5 years ago are we really moving forward.

Please feel free to get in contact with any thoughts or comments on a topic that has occupied many conversations but generated very little (significant) change.

We can look to follow up on any feedback and answer any questions with Adrienne in the future.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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