man standing in front of calculations and algorithms reflecting the multi levels of hotel revenue and how important it is that the revenue manager and general manager work in synch

Ten Questions a GM Should Ask Their Revenue Manager

So Mr. Fabulous GM, what should you be asking your Revenue Manager at your weekly meetings and what conversation should this spark?

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smaller man standing by feet of much larger man showing disparity in size between otas and hotels

A Simple Way to Beat the OTAs

We often don’t measure the leakage of commission to OTAs and we certainly don’t measure it against the costs of securing a direct booking

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hotel contactless touchless technology

5 Reasons You Must Have Hotel Technology In Your 2023 Budget

Investing in hotel technology may not be the answer to all of your problems, but the forward thinking hotelier will be adopting tech in the right places

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man being attracted by a carrot in much the same way hotels should use the january annual sales period to drive the selling of hotel rooms

We All Know ‘BOB’ Or To Give His Full Title: “Business on the Books”

To answer my original question, ‘do we love BOB?’  The answer is a resounding YES!  But should we trust him?  Most definitely NOT!

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a hotel customers opinion, or review, is not as important for decision making

Forget Star Ratings… We Now Have 3 Types Of Customers

Our customers have moved away from judging our product or deciding on where to stay based on star rating. We now have 3 very distinct customer types

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two people tugging on money reflecting the parity issue exists on metasearch not just otas

Why Are We Still Allowing The OTAs To Gain The Upper Hand?

OTAs are just a channel… nothing more. This is your hotel, your guests, you provide the service to make your customers feel welcome, but check your T&Cs

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sheep following each other like hotels follow competitor pricing

Don’t Be a Sheep: 5 Reasons Not to Follow Hotel Competitor Pricing

I have heard so many iterations of hotels justifying why they follow competitors pricing strategies. I have never fully understood or agreed with them

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boy with head in hands and question marks reflecting challenge for hotel revenue management

Revenue Management – Looking Towards A Challenging Winter…

It is time to determine how we will achieve top line budget goals whilst keeping bottom line costs in check. Revenue Management strategy plays a key role

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel rms tech has evolved

With Staffing a Major Issue Right Now, How Can RMS Technology Help?

The answer to the question “Can an RMS help my recruitment woes?” is clearly no, but if you look from a different angle, the answer could be a definite yes

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yellow door amongst white doors reflecting occupancy balance needed in a hotel now we are in the staycation world

What is Your Optimum Occupancy Percentage in This Staycation World?

Staycation is here to stay. Strong occupancy is here to stay but the question remains for us all… how much occupancy is too much?

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