In case you missed it, here are some key updates from the big guns – Google, Facebook and YouTube – and emerging trends that you should care about.

Some of the hotel digital marketing updates of 2018 are emerging trends, while others, like “mobile-first,” are hard realities. So, what should you and your business be focusing on? What are the MUSTS that you shouldn’t leave behind? Below are a few key updates from the big wigs that you need to make part of your businesses every-day life.

From The Facebook Stable…

Algorithm Updates
The Facebook Algorithm was updated earlier this year by the man himself, Mark Zuckerberg. This made a lot of businesses around the world fret, as it was pushing back at branded content. Facebook produces one of the best return on investments (ROI) for marketers based on its massive user-base. Given that your customers are already on Facebook, there’s every reason for you to be there too.

The reality? Surviving the new Facebook algorithm means making some changes to your content strategy in order to boost your organic reach. What is the algorithm you may ask? It controls the ordering and presentation of posts, so users see what is most relevant to them. The 2018 update to the Facebook algorithm is designed to centre content around individuals’ friends and family members, rather than prioritising ‘spam’ from businesses.

Video is King!
So, what can you do to help your business shine to the masses still? Content! Video content to be exact. Video is king on Facebook. It will trump anything else you do, no matter what. That even includes the odd boomerangs or gifs, and you need to post consistently. If it’s three times a week, or once a day, whatever it is needs to be regular. In saying that, avoid posting multiple times a day, because this can really cannibalise your reach. If your content isn’t connecting to your audience, Facebook will deprioritise it in users’ newsfeed; so be careful of the content you create in the first place.

Sound Collection
Regarding the use of video content, Facebook have also supplied a new tool called ‘Sound Collection’. This is a base of free-to-use music and sound effects that can be used on Facebook videos. While still in its infancy, offering roughly around 1,000 music tracks and 1,500 effects, it’s a welcomed addition that we’re sure all video makers can benefit from.

Updates to Messenger App
Does your business use the Facebook Messenger feature? They have been working on turning the messenger system in to a very powerful tool for businesses to reach their customers faster. Building an experience on Messenger can help get your business, product or service in front of more people. Whether you’re launching a new product or driving awareness, conversation creates a meaningful connection with your business. This in turn builds trust with your brand.

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