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Strategic Solution Partners is a Hospitality Solutions Provider able to assist hotels, management companies and ownership groups in all aspects of hotel operation, focusing on improving overall performance and efficiency of the asset as well as increasing the bottom line. To cover the varied needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of bespoke services including Project-Based Consulting, Management/Director-level Taskforce Solutions and Remote Revenue Generation Support.

The common denominator between all services offered by SSP is the level of experience and expertise of our executives. Our strict vetting process ensures that by hiring SSP, our clients acquire a secret weapon in crafting creative solutions to address their specific needs across every field in the hospitality ecosystem.


The consulting model we offer is unique in that our team consists solely of seasoned industry experts, many of who are former Executives at major Hospitality Companies. They are therefore true thought leaders in their disciplines, able to assist hotel owners and management teams in addressing revenue and profit challenges with a direct impact on the value of the asset. Our consulting team covers all major hospitality disciplines such as sales, revenue management, operations and finance & financing, but also more specialist fields such as design and food & beverage concepting. As a Hospitality Solutions Provider, our goal is to partner with our clients and become an extension of their corporate team, as we help them resolve performance and profitability issues. Our industry experts guide our clients with a clear, critical eye and provide measurable, sustained, strategic solutions to help them grow.


As the Hospitality Industry leading Taskforce Provider, we have implemented the most rigorous vetting process when selecting contractors to be part of our team. This ensures that the talent we provide our clients with for management or leadership roles can dive right in and make an immediate impact, ensuring that revenue generation, efficiencies and profitability are maintained while a hotel is experiencing staffing transitions. We can also quickly assimilate our team members into practically any role across sales, marketing, catering, housekeeping, culinary, food & beverage, rooms, revenue management, hotel leadership, finance, engineering, and human resources.


Strategic Solution Partners has built its success on being a 100% remote operation, so we know how to build effective virtual teams that exceed performance expectations. We are therefore able to recreate the process for our clients and develop revenue-generating virtual solutions in multiple disciplines.

Owing to our ability to provide bespoke solutions across all hospitality disciplines and on both executive and management level, we give our clients one-step access to a plethora of solutions to any hospitality scenario. Thanks to this well-rounded approach, SSP has been included on the Inc 5000’s list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies for 3 years in a row and was also named one of Financial Times’ Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2020

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