Hi, welcome to another Coffee Time Chat

Today we look at the Hotel staffing issue and ask, is this just a passing shower or a bigger storm brewing?

To help us along with this conversation we are joined by:

🔹Bill Scanlon and Kirby Smith from Strategic Solution Partners, one of our Expert Partners

Through their Hotel Taskforce solution and Project Based Expert Consulting SSP work day in and day out, hand in glove, with medium and small hotel groups and independent properties.

So we feel they are well placed to provide insights on the current situation regarding hotel staffing challenges, the loss of senior strategic expertise following covid and what their recent gig study shows about the attractiveness of the hotel industry and the potential misalignment between what hotels are offering and what future talent is looking for

….. and surprise surprise, its not all about more money?

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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01:10 Guest welcome
03:28 Does a pre Covid mentality exist in this post Covid world
07:36 What are some limiting practices still being adopted
12:02 Are independent hotels or smaller hotel groups able to move faster
18:35 Gig Study shows a potential risk of misalignment between offering and needs
25:40 Is this a bigger issue than just a post covid problem
28:05 How has SSP evolved to reflect industry needs
32:20 Video links and channel subscription