Today we are talking Data Decision Making and how it can increase revenue and hotel performance.

The terminology “Big Data” is often used in the hotel context but this is a bit of a misnomer as most hotels data doesn’t really qualify as big data.

So what we are really talking about is siloed, disparate, small data across the hotel tech stack and the value to hotels of bringing this data together to help make stronger commercial strategic decisions that drive revenue.

To offer their insights we are joined by:

🔹Firas Moolla from HotelIQ

Through the discussion Firas will outline his views on how hoteliers can leverage this data more effectively, he will also demonstrate the HoteIIQ Decision Cloud solution and how this can be adapted to each hotel type, commercial need and budget.

NB: HotelIQ are Expert Partners of Revenue Hub

Hope you enjoy the discussion👍

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01:22 Guest introduction
02:49 Why Big Data is a misnomer in the hotel industry
06:30 What value is being lost by not harnessing this small data
13:00 A look at the HotelIQ Decision Cloud Solution – a single source of truth
17:33 Home Screen overview
19:06 Market Segments Dashboard as an example
22:00 Market Segments Report example
26:23 Sharing and collaboration between teams
28:53 Favourites, Frequents, Shared with Me and Shared by Me
30:31 Different apps you get at a base level on sign up and pricing
33:18 Additional app packages and A la Carte
37:15 Future solution development and HITEC attendance and event
42:12 Further videos and subscriber link