How Automated Hotel Check-In can Benefit Your Front Desk?

There are many benefits of automated hotel check-in like increased guest satisfaction, improved operations, boosted revenue and reduced costs

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image for ssp video discussing the hotel staffing issues and whether the current situation is a passing shower or a bigger storm brewing

Hotel Staffing Issue: A Passing Shower or a Bigger Storm Brewing?

Bill and Kirby provide insights on the current situation regarding hotel staffing challenges and the loss of senior strategic expertise following covid

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How to Build a Hotel KPI Tree and Link it to Your Strategy

Hotel KPI is are useless unless it is linked to a strategy and have a goal to be reached. Aligning the KPIs with the goals and objectives is key

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Sustainability for Hotels – The Impact on Profitability

It’s not enough to jump on the bandwagon and talk the talk. Hotels need to walk the walk by embedding sustainability into their business models

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Why GMs Have a Hard Time Managing Their Financial Leader

What GMs typically do when asked about money is they defer to the financial person, because they do not want to make any financial missteps

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The Hotel General Manager Top Priority List For 2023

The General Manager who puts more effort into the commercial work in the hotel will likely steal market share from the competition

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4 Big Reasons Hotel Guests Never Come Back

If you have any of these problems, you will hear about it and so will potential guests. 46% of Americans voice their issues online after they check out

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Seven Ways For Hotels To Prevent High Energy Costs

We’ll look at some of the best ways to prevent high power costs in a hotel and look at more in detail how the energy cost crisis is affecting hoteliers

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SSP - Hotel Consultants Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic YouTube Thumbnail

Hotel Consultants: Not Always the Seagull at the Picnic

Today we look at hotel consultancy and ask are they really the seagull at a picnic, i.e. they swoop in, make a mess and then leave … maybe a bit unfair!?

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hotel digitalisation laptop mobile and revenue graphs reflecting the 11 must have features revenue managers need in a business intelligence tool

What Hotel Digitalisation Means And How It Boosts Profits

There are a number of ways that digitalisation can help you create a more efficient business model for your hotel and boost your profits

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