hotel guest using automated check-in benefiting front office operations

Hotel check-in automation is about using technology to enable guests to get around the conventional check-in procedure, avoiding long lines at the front desk and expediting the entire process to increase guest satisfaction.

NB: This is an article from Mews

Whether guests use a Check-in kiosk or any other kind of digital system that allows guests to access their rooms like digital keys sent via email or your hotel’s app, the goal of automation is agility.

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What are the benefits for your hotel of hotel check-in automation?

There are many benefits of hotel check-in automation for your hotel like increased guest satisfaction, improved operations, boosted revenue, cutting back on costs, increased productivity, and reduced human error. Let’s look one by one.

Increased guest satisfaction

After a long trip, there is nothing worse than having to wait in a long line at the front desk. Automation cuts back on wait time and makes it so check-in can be available 24/7. With a check-in kiosk, guests can simply check themselves in from the kiosk, even cut their own keys and get right to their room.

Giving guests the ability to take the hotel journey into their own hands, arriving at their own convenience and being able to get to their rooms the fastest possible is key to increasing guest satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

Improved operations

When you rely on automation it means you do not have to depend on your staff to do repetitive tasks like check-ins. That way they can put their efforts into ensuring streamlined operations, removing potential friction from manual operations, and focusing their efforts on the overall guest experience rather than menial daily tasks. Not only does it do wonders for facilitating smooth operations, but it also helps boost staff satisfaction by giving them a sense of purpose.

Boost in revenue

Putting the check-in process into the guests’ hands also helps drive revenue. It is a lot easier for a machine to propose upgrades and upselling opportunities tailored to the guest profile. And it can be integrated into the whole check-in journey, increasing ancillary revenue potential. Below we will talk about this point in more detail.

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