image of a cookie with a bite taken out and a red croos reflecting the end of third party cookies

The End of Third-Party Cookies and What it Means for Your Hotel

Sunsetting of traditional third-party cookies doesn’t end programmatic advertising, but rather pushes advertisers to innovate new offerings and capabilities

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How to Maximize the Impact of Google’s Free Booking Links

If you’re not participating in metasearch yet, free booking links are a fantastic opportunity to get connected and start driving some extra traffic

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7 Hotel Email Marketing Strategies for More Clicks

To realise the best ROI for your hotel email marketing efforts, focus on the quality of your email subscribers, rather than the quantity

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Google Hotel Ads: What Google’s All Options Feature Mean for Your Hotel?

The Google Hotel Ads product has been revamped to now include two channel listing sections; Paid Ads and a section Google is calling All Options. NB: This is an article from […]

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Haphazard Efforts at Omnichannel Can Destroy Value – Here’s What To Do

The most successful businesses let their strategic ambition and aspirational customer experience determine what omnichannel strategy to pursue

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guesteq who are we interview video thumbnail

GuestEQ “Who Are We?” – In Conversation with Scott Curran

Scott introduces us to GuestEQ, the solution, core differentiators and how frustration with antiquated operational practices led to developing the platform

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Hotel Website Design in 2021

Your hotel’s website is where potential guests are first introduced to your brand and often the landing page for online media campaigns

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Marketing Your Hotel to Generation Z

Gen Z is the first generation of “digital natives,”. Start marketing to this demographic now as their buying power increases over the next decade

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person holding a mobile with hotel website open having received an upsell message generating ancillary revenue

Boost Ancillary Revenue Through Better Pre-Arrival Guest Engagement

Sending pre-arrival upsell campaigns is a great way to foster engagement, boost the guest experience and promote more ancillary revenue opportunities

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The Latest Hotel Website Trends and Tips

To improve your website, it’s good to be aware of trends sweeping the web so you’re providing the best possible chance of increasing your direct bookings

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