hotel staff communicating with mobile phones using social media

How to Improve Hotel Staff Communication with Social Media Approach

The result of poor hotel staff communication is an upset guest or blown booking opportunity leading to poor guest engagement and lower satisfaction scores

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15 Triggered Messages Your Hotel Should Be Sending To Guests

Depending on the context, the situation, and the guest, these messages could be sent via email, SMS, or push notification to your hotel branded mobile app

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City Hotels See a Small Boost and Mobile Revenue Soars at 60%

While it’s uncertain how indoor dining restrictions across the industry will make people feel, let’s focus on our latest hotels booking trend for now

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Fast & Easy Mobile PPC Tips For Hotels

Mobile pay-per-click (Mobile PPC) ads are a great tool to help hoteliers, or advertisers in any industry, reach their customers on the go

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Boosting Occupancy with Social Story-Selling

We will demonstrate how travelers use their social media feeds to make booking decisions and what content your hotel should be posting to influence them.

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Choosing Between A Single-Page Or Multi-Page Hotel Website

When deciding on website structure, it’s easy to get lost in trends and best practice. In reality, you just need it to show your hotel in the best way

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man being led by carrots reflecting the value to hotels of driving direct sales rather than relying on OTAs

How to Maintain or Increase Your Direct Sales Quota Post Pandemic

Ensuring your direct sales maintain their quota is in your hands. If you wait for everything to return to normal, OTA’s will be the ones to exploit change.

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Highly Converting Websites: A Checklist For Your Hotel’s Restart

In order to prepare for the reopening and upcoming booking boom you need to have these key components of a highly converting website in place

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sign saying simplicity which is what mobile guest messaging can provide to a hotel driving efficiencies

Guest Messaging Will Make Hotel Staff More Efficient – Here’s The Proof

Automating only certain guest messaging and tasks cut out unnecessary steps while quickly reassuring guests that we are handling it

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How Personalisation can Increase Your Revenue

Thinking about it, we are increasingly experiencing personalisation everyday from all kinds of brands we interact with – Spotify and Netflix, for example

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