Hotel Revenue Management: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

we look at four core challenges in revenue management and explore the potential risks posed by each challenge and offer advice for revenue managers and CEOs

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How to Dance with Google: Dealing with SERP Volatility

Monitoring SERP volatility and adapting your strategies is key to maintaining search visibility. You’ll have to dance with Google to maximize its power

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Guest Personalization: What It Is and What It Isn’t

This is not to say that tech and AI are bad, but a reminder that at the end of the day, it’s your people that truly deliver guest personalization

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Tackling API and Third-Party PMS Integration Vulnerabilities

As data moves between the hotel PMS and third-party services, it passes through networks which might not be secured, leading to potential interceptions

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Why Data Collaboration is Now a Travel Marketing Imperative

By leveraging data unification to recognize motivations behind each journey, marketers enhance opportunities to offer personalization travelers seek

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McKinsey: Travel a Top Priority, Especially for Younger Generations

Travel isn’t merely an interest these days. It’s become a priority – even amid uncertain economic conditions that can make budgeting a challenge

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YouTube Thumbnail image for video discussion on How to Increase Visibility and Direct Revenue: Key Trends & Strategies

How to Increase Visibility and Direct Revenue: Key Trends & Strategies

We explore how connected marketing & revenue strategies are a powerful ecommerce combination, leveraging the hotels direct channel to drive direct bookings

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YouTube thumbnail image for discussion with Strategic Solution Partners about their Talent Trends Study and the potential future hotel workforce crisis

Talent Trends Study: A Future Hotel Workforce Crisis?

We touch on a number of topics from the study, looking at foreboding trends, challenges for education institutions and how the industry must adapt

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hotel breakfast layout can be appealing to guests when booking and can drive revenue and profit

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

On OTAs guests use “breakfast included” as a primary search filter. When it comes to maximizing profit, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster

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What are the Benefits of Starting a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty can differ from one to another, but the key part to defining a program is defining what loyalty is for your brand and how will you reward it

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